What Kind of Features Should a Fantasy Sports App Include?


  1. Must-have features
  2. Advanced features
  3. Conclusions

Now is the best time to invest in fantasy sports app development. Why? An app-based fantasy sports market share is predicted by Globalnewswire to grow at a CAGR of 14% with overall growth of more than 119% from 2020 to 2026. The demand for fantasy sports apps grows rapidly, gaining new momentum with more than 45,9 million players worldwide.

The number of features you want to include determines the amount of time and cost necessary for your app's development process. So we decided to cover the must-have and advanced features, which your fans would appreciate.

Must-have features

The set of must-have features of a fantasy sports app will depend on the app's users and their roles and needs. So here are the handpicked core features according to your audience and what it does there.

User features

Landing page

This is a main page the user sees while opening your app. You can either offer users to sign up for it or have a look at the dashboard with match and player news, depending on users needs.

User registration

User registration is a basic feature included in a fantasy sports app. A user submits personal details like email, number, username for registration process.

Profile settings & User account manager

Profile settings allow users to tailor the profile to themselves, as well as track reward points, history of transactions, and detailed information about one’s account.Through user account manager users can manage the entire account, like edit, delete, or deactivate it.

Competition & Join competition

Users can see the detailed information about the competitions in different kinds of sport they can join in and pay entry fees.

Сhoice of players and teams

Users must have a choice to pick a player and a team they are playing for.

Admin panel features

Admin registration

Registration is a must for admins. It is crucial for the security of a fantasy sports app.

Profile settings & Admin account manager

Admins can customize an entire application: manage users registration (approve or decline users) and app users (add, edit, activate, deactivate or delete users), control players earnings.


Dashboard is accessed by admin to overlook the number of matches that are played, future and live matches, all participants, total earnings and other general information about players. It helps to check, administer and update rewards, transactions.

View earnings & Revenue management

Admin has access to total earnings information of each player. They can check and monitor total earnings of every competition played in an app.

Manage competition

It gives administrator tools to coordinate and handle all ongoing contests in an app.

Report management

Report management functionality provides admin access to all reports, like earning, match, and player ranking reports.

Advanced features

By adding the following top features, you can try to make your app remarkable as Dream11 or FanDuel Mobile.

Highlights, live match scores and streaming of the game

While more and more users develop interest in fantasy sports applications, their passion for real tournaments does not decrease. Those features will allow users to enjoy a game through tournament highlights with short videos of best moments, regular updates on scores of real-time games or live online streaming of the game. All of those features would engage users and keep their interest in an app.

Loyalty programs and gamification

Loyalty programs and gamification are key to saving and attracting users in a highly competitive fantasy sports app environment. It can be a point based system which awards users when they participate in the specific number of games, or achievement badges, shareable on social network websites.

In-app chat

In-app chat allows users to communicate with friends and other players. They can share game results or live scores together effectively.

Private groups creation

By adding this option, users get the possibility to play with their families and friends, which increases loyalty and attachment to an app.


Chatbot feature will help to manage any queries that users have about the application. It can also be used to collect participants’ information and their behavioral patterns.


Customer Relationship Management integration with applications helps to find answers to diverse users’ questions. It is a very effective method of improving customer service.


GPS feature gives information about users location. Also, push notifications about ongoing tournaments around them can be sent directly to their devices.

Full player information

Full player information is crucial for players to create a successful fantasy sports team. This feature allows users to access and choose the best players based on full details and relevant facts about the player.

Score and winner prediction

Score and winner prediction feature engages users and rewards correct answers with extra points. The user has to submit their predicted score and the winning team before the competition starts.


Referral feature rewards users who invite their friends to join the app and the contest with promotional offers, extra points or compensation. Beyond that, they are free to organize custom tournaments, invite their friends to play with them and create custom leagues and competitions.

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics feature will show which team has a higher probability of winning and which players can perform well, driving up user’s engagement levels. Finally, it can support the profits of an app if you decide to charge for it.

Multiple Payment System

Multiple Payment System integrates different payment methods like net banking, UPI apps, debit and credit cards to make sure that the payment process is smooth and convenient for all customers.

Merchandise sales

An app could benefit from collaboration with different sports teams for merchandise sales, as sports fans love purchasing it.

Earnings withdrawal

With the help of the earning withdrawal feature, users can see their earnings any time, as well as take their profits with preferred payment mode.


To conclude, fantasy sports apps are a very prospective direction for development and investment. The worth of only the global fantasy football industry is expected to grow by $1 billion by 2026. Depending on the number of features you want to include, the cost and time necessary for app development will be determined.

If you are a bit overwhelmed, it's better to ask an experienced team. You may always drop us a line and we'll be glad to estimate the cost and time necessary for the development process of your app. We have necessary expertise and technological stack to help you turn your vision into reality.