The Challenges of Introducing a New Mobile App to the Market

A recent study conducted by digital experts AppAnnie predicts the app economy will be worth $6.3 trillion by 2021, up $1.3 trillion since last year and a staggering $5 trillion since 2014.

Competition is fierce, and as a result, the Google Play and Apple App stores currently comprise of over 5 million apps combined, with new applications entering the market daily.

Due to the volume of new startups and app producers entering the market, even those dominating the market today may well be knocked out of pole position in the near future.

At Anadea, we have the digital expertise to turn your idea into a fully functioning app; but first, let's discuss how we can help you overcome the challenges that cause so many apps to go ignored and unloved.

Innovative ideas

Having a USP for your app is vital if you want to make a name for yourself in a crowded market, as it will set you aside from the competition and attract more traffic, boosting those sought-after download numbers.

However, with the market so saturated, proposing an app idea that is original and exciting can be near enough impossible. At Anadea, we encourage you to embrace innovation.

With our team of creativity-obsessed tech experts, we can help you brainstorm an app that will win over consumers. Systematic approaches pay dividends for those head-scratching scenarios, so here are a few steps you can consider when trying to generate a concept:


Who is my target market?


What is the aim of the app?


What is its function?


Are there any existing apps doing the same?


What do I want for a brand image?

Once you are clear on these and other concepts, our developers - your own dedicated outsourced team - will get to work creating an app that will deliver on your goals.

Targeting demographics

Apps solve problems, either by filling a gap in the market, competing with a market leader, or taking an innovative approach to solving a particular issue for consumers or businesses.

The key to gaining traction within the first month of release is to generate a positive reputation for your brand, through encouraging good reviews and ratings. Therefore, thorough beta testing within your target market and building some pre-launch traction/media and influencer interest is useful as a starting point.

If you're an established company, you are likely to already have a good idea of your average customer and their likes/dislikes. But, beyond the basic consumer profile, companies need to consider the behavior and other traits of their target market - especially when developing a digital mode of communication.

Marc Prensky came up with a nifty way of segmenting digital audiences, identifying them as either:

  • Digital natives – an individual born after the widespread adoption of digital technology;

  • Digital immigrants – an individual born before the widespread adoption of digital technology.

Distinguishing whether your target audience are digital natives or immigrants will shape the whole design and marketing process behind your app. We at Anadea recognize the significance of tailoring a mobile application for specific audiences and have a team of experienced advisors to assist with the job in hand.


A further pitfall companies often come across when developing a mobile app is optimization. Because most applications are advertised on app stores like Apple or Google Play, they need to be formatted for best practice to generate more downloads.

App name

SEO is a big factor in determining success within app stores, on social networks and online. Therefore, basing your app name on common search terms is a good way to enhance discoverability.


This is the most crucial aspect of discoverability. Because of the heavy competition within the app market, finding a selection of words that will help you grab your own target markets attention as well as diversifying your reach is very tedious. We're here to help, through experimenting and trialling keywords to find the best fit.


Most app stores allow for several lines of description, so it's vital that you convey your key message immediately. A good tip is to reinstate the need for the app and use hyperbolic language to generate intrigue and excitement.

Multiple device use

In addition, being an expert mobile app development company, we can help optimize your app for a range of uses, making it look great on devices with varying screen sizes and aspect ratios.


One of major mobile application issues is failing to find a happy medium between usability and aesthetics. To attract an audience, the design and graphic elements of an app need to be appealing and reflect your brand image. Also, consumers want to be able to navigate an app with ease, thus minimizing glitches/technical issues is imperative in achieving the perfect balance.

We at Anadea have a mobile app design team that can create for you a usable, engaging and stylish mobile application.

Our mobile design services are founded on the neat combining of our customer's wishes and our wide expertise in designing a fully customized app. Whatever your need, an elaborate multi-functional mobile app for business or an amusing app for entertainment, we can deliver a design perfectly aligned with your needs.

We have knowledge and expertise needed to cope with all the mobile app development challenges. Don't fall at the first hurdle: start a mobile app project with us today!

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