Baseball Fan App

A mobile app to engage baseball fans and allow them to follow their favorite players and track their success

Client's Goals

Our client is a recognized brand of high-end off-the-field apparel & merchandise industry in the USA. The company asked for a solution to kill two birds with one stone:

  • to help baseball fans follow their favorite players and track their success;

  • to support the main website to increase customers' loyalty and bring more buyers.

Main Features


Registration; login; logout; password reset.

Profile management

View and edit personal data; change password.

Statistics page

With some simple metrics such as score/ball/strikes/out/occupied base.

Ability to create or add:

  • different leagues/teams/coach;

  • players with different game positions and personal stats;

  • completed games history + result of the games (if completed);

  • tracking players’ history (changes in team/leagues/personal indicators);

  • private/public account.

Anadea Team Effort

According to the requirements of the customer, we suggested building a custom mobile app on Android and iOS and adding mobile app testing on the most popular devices in the target market to ensure best customer experience.

Also, we suggested dividing the scope into MVP and further releases in order to meet the deadline and make the development business-oriented and cost-effective.

The first version of the application was suggested to be focused on core features, while the second was to add more functionality for marketing opportunities and in-app purchasing.

A Story Behind

The client came up with an idea to find a new way to engage baseball fans and build a strong association between the spirit of the game with the client’s company brand name. The idea was to create a mobile baseball fan app that would let baseball players, fans, and coaches track and keep information about baseball players including their performance in different games.

The application would enable users to create their own baseball account, make a team and carry in data according to the games’ results. Despite the main goal to provide end-users with the described opportunities, the company planned to natively advertise its merchandise and brand name, increasing sales and the number of customers.

Specifics of the Project

The client previously had difficulties with another outsourcing company that delayed the implementation of the project due to poor communication and tech skills.

The part of the backend had been already written but after the code review procedure, it was decided to rewrite it using a different stack to meet all business requirements.

A decision-maker on the client’s part insisted they would be present at all the project and team meetings to constantly stay in touch with developers as previously it had been a pain point with the other vendor.

Tech Stack

  • Back-end development


  • Mobile development


  • Infrastructure

    a Linux-based server at Amazon AWS

  • DataBase


  • Deployment



Business Analysis, UX/UI, Back-end development, Mobile development, Mobile testing

More Than Just a Solution

The development of the first version is completed and the app for baseball fans is released and undergoes user testing.

The team analyses the feedback from end-users to polish the app and prepare it for public release.

The client anchors great hopes for the solution and ‘prepares the field for the game’ for the official app release.

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