Bulletin A Swedish online daily newspaper

Bulletin's news coverage is based on objective, consequence-neutral and evidence-based journalism, while Bulletin's leadership side operates in a liberal-conservative tradition. Bulletin’s principle is to clearly distinguish between news and opinions, on news and views.

Bulletin front page

Focused on security and managing high loads

Subscription-generated revenue

Development and digital marketing by Anadea

Story Behind

Tino Sanandaji came to Anadea with the idea of creating a Swedish online newspaper called Bulletin. The info web source was planned to cover national economics and politics, as well as a range of other topics typical for e-newspapers.

Bulletin was expected to demonstrate stable performance under high loads and be user-friendly for all types of devices, with adjusting to high data security requirements for users, contributors, and admins. The project is managed by professional journalists, so most copies will be created by the Bulletin team and some Reuters-subscribed news articles are planned to be added as well.

The e-newspaper was envisioned as a commercial newspaper. The main website page is accessible to any visitor. Some articles are available for everyone to read for free. Most of the content is open by subscription. Part of the article (title, preview image, and introductory text), is available as a preview. The rest of the content is accessible to subscribed users only.


Bulletin has the following user roles: Reader, Registered Reader, Admin (Chief Editor, Moderators, etc.), Contributor.


  • See hot news previews on the home page;

  • Click on the preview and go to the article page;

  • Easily navigate to an article category and view all articles in that category from the article page;

  • View information about the author and all of one’s articles by clicking their name;

  • Subscribe to Bulletin to access full versions of articles;

  • View the most valuable content by subscription.


  • Create articles in a user-friendly CMS;

  • Preview articles as readers;

  • Check the copy status with the Admin's comments on their articles, edit, delete articles and submit them to Admin's review;

  • Manage images embedded in publications;

  • Specify guest authors as the author of the article;

  • Use the integrated spell checker to reduce the time for proofreading.

Content editor


  • Choose articles for the main or top section, preview, publish or cancel;

  • Easily turn on/off the sections, drag&drop articles to set the order, preview the applied changes instantly and cancel/publish;

  • Choose different templates for the main section;

  • Publish articles submitted for review immediately or select the date and time of publishing;

  • Reject article publishing and add comments with the reason;

  • Create, edit or delete their own or other contributors' articles;

  • Add new contributors to the system.

Front page management and category selection

Tech Stack

  • Back-end development

  • Frontend development

  • Digital marketing (SEO, context ads)

  • Testing

  • Project management

  • UX/UI Design


Kotlin, Spring, PostgreSQL


TypeScript, Angular, Bootstrap


Anadea offered turn-key development services from business analysis to search engine marketing. The launch of the Bulletin e-newspaper was a widely-discussed and notable event in the Swedish informational space as a new powerful player entered the media market. About the current state of things and further plans for Bulletin, the CEO of the project Tino Sanandaji spoke in a recent interview - check it out!

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