Chrome Extension Development for One-Tab Data Management

The Chrome extension is an indispensable tool crafted to streamline the workflow of professionals like Recruiters and Sales. Integrated with CRMs like ClickUp, it significantly amplifies their efficiency when sourcing profiles from social media accounts. Through its seamless integration, the tool ensures a swift transition of data from browsing to database entry, maintaining data integrity and doing away with tab-switching.

Seamless CRM integration

Autonomous URL recognition

Direct on-page access


In the world of recruitment and sales, efficiency and productivity are paramount. Anadea’s professionals often found themselves juggling between tabs, manually entering data from social media platforms into their CRM systems like ClickUp.

This not only consumed valuable time but also posed risks of data loss or error, especially when switching between browser tabs or accessing the extensions bar.

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Our response

Designed for internal use at Anadea, the Chrome extension offers a unique solution by integrating directly with ClickUp where we manage our tasks. The tool’s standout feature is the on-page button, which eliminates the need to switch between tabs or access the extensions bar.

When activated, the tool automatically checks if the current page URL exists within the ClickUp space (i.e. whether it’s mentioned in tasks). Professionals can then either navigate to the related ClickUp task or create a new one without leaving the page.

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Unique benefits

On-page button

Unlike most Chrome extensions, our tool is accessible on-page instead of the extension bar. Everything you need is right there on the page you're browsing!


Data entry & Categorization

The extension window allows for quick data entry from a social media profile, including name, contact information, notes, and more. The tool integrates with pre-existing tags in ClickUp, simplifying data categorization.

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Security & Integrity

With Google authorization and the requirement for a corporate email login, the Chrome extension ensures both data security and integrity.

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User-friendly interface

A sleek design complemented by a dark mode ensures a pleasant user experience.

dark theme
dark and light theme
light theme

How it works, step by step


Profile overview

Enter a page of a person of interest that includes their name, occupation, and other details.


One-click access

Use the on-page button to access the extension window without switching tabs.


Corporate login

Log in using a corporate email, ensuring connection to the relevant ClickUp space.


URL check

The tool will automatically check if the profile URL exists in the ClickUp database.


Task creation

If the URL exists in ClickUp, navigate to the related task. If not, create a new task directly from the extension. Enter relevant data, including name, contact information, notes, etc.

Transformative outcomes

This Chrome extension development has revolutionized how Anadea’s Recruiters interact with ClickUp and social media platforms. By bridging the gap between browsing and database entry, the tool has excluded manual data entry from Recruiters’ and Sales’ workflow, minimized errors, and enhanced productivity.

The intuitive design, coupled with its unique features, has been highly appreciated within the company, especially for the tool’s contribution to data integrity and user experience.

Potential use cases

Sales teams

will be swiftly verifying if a contact is in Pipedrive to avoid duplicate data.

Marketing professionals

will benefit by seamlessly integrating potential leads from social media into their CRM, facilitating prompt follow-ups.

Customer support

will be able to instantly pull up client details from social media, offering a more personalized touch.

Research teams

will find value in the ability to categorize and tag web resources in their CRM, making referencing a breeze.

Future milestones

Recognizing the diverse range of CRM platforms and business tools that professionals utilize daily, the team has ambitious plans to expand the tool's integration capabilities.

The goal is not only to connect with a broader range of CRM platforms but also to seamlessly integrate with other business applications, from project management software to communication tools. This holistic approach will ensure that professionals can access, manage, and transfer their data across platforms effortlessly, boosting productivity and reducing potential data silos.

Tech stack

Front End


Chrome Extensions API Manifest V3

React 18



Back End




Spring Boot


ClickUp API


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