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Connect is a mental health app that allows users to communicate with others they’re close with, in ways that build relationships. This is done in the format of “I feel” statements in order to share both negative (disturbing) and positive emotions.

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Quick facts about Connect

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    App for therapeutic communication

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    Active listening training

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    Templates for safe emotions expression

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    Based on 15+ years of clinical expertise

Story Behind

The customer, Brooke Farrell, is a therapist of individuals, groups & families with more than 14 years of experience. The customer is the Founder & Director of Unify Families company, based in North Carolina, focusing on the quality of the connection between parents and teens, relational impasses, and behavioral issues.

Throughout the last 10 years, she has created a program of services devoted to supporting teens and their parents in transitioning from a therapeutic program to home, or a post-treatment setting.

Unify Families aims at creating successful transitions for teens and families by coaching them toward healthier connections. To enhance the process, the customer needed an app that would be an effective communication tool for them and be at hand any time when needed.

Anadea work
on Connect

Anadea healthcare software developers joined the project to perform front-end development services. Anadea developers worked in close collaboration with one more development team from North Carolina. Thanks to the seamless communication and speedy development process, the app was delivered timely. All parties involved appreciated the working process, its results, and count on long-lasting partnership.

Main Features

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    Share a feeling

    For some people, it’s quite difficult to express feelings, and this feature assists users to show others what they feel. Users can utilize standard feelings set, or add a custom one.

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    Active listening

    This feature helps a user to respond to others’ feelings in the right way so that both sides have effective communication.

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    This is a useful feature that helps to stay informed and respond quickly to messages.

Contact list

Family members, couples, mates are available through a user’s contact list to start a conversation.

Brooke Farrell

"The Connect app looks wonderful, and I’m grateful to you and the Anadea team for your work on building the app. It really does look great! I’m so excited to get it out for couples and families to use.

The Anadea team provides unparalleled quality of work. This, plus the speed and quality of Anadea's development team made the process much more efficient. I genuinely enjoyed working with the good people at Anadea and would certainly recommend them to others."

Brooke Farrell
Founder & Director
of Unify Families


Often, when people are in conflict with their loved ones, they do not talk about their feelings very well, which can cause further conflict and problems. When people are upset the tendency is to make “You” statements. They concentrate on negative statements, start to blame, which leads to conflict escalation.

Connect app helps to reverse this trend and build a base for understanding by training to use “I feel” statements, express emotions correctly, and listen to others.

To use “I feel” statements effectively, practice is required and the Connect application is designed to give this practice. Users have the opportunity to choose an emotion to understand how they feel and share it with their loved ones.

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