Multi-tenant software solution for medical professionals that helps them schedule appointments with their patients more easily than legacy methods. The product automates scheduling and facilitates real-time patient data tracking.

  • HIPPA compliant

    Double encrypted, and secure according to HIPAA guidelines

  • Adjust

    Custom plans for each individual client or group of patients

  • Cloud-based

    In the cloud, available 24/7 wherever you are, allowing you to work with patients anywhere in the world

  • AJAX-based calendar

    Manage all schedules and plans on a single, easy-to-view and use dashboard

Story Behind

GoGoof allows healthcare workers to create custom plans. Plans consist of tasks and key questions to be discussed with the patients.

The solution enables medical professionals to evaluate patients’ progress and give scores after every treatment. Professionals can schedule meetings and set meeting duration.

In their turn, patients can be individuals or groups. They get connected with professionals and assigned to a plan then get treatment and report about their progress.

Team Effort

When we started, libraries with calendars did not have enough features or could not be customized for convenient use in the medical sector.

We developed an easy-to-use AJAX-based calendar that showed meetings and treatment plans over an adjustable timescale, such as a day, week, month, or longer. This made it simple to reschedule appointments from one week to the next.

Compared to features in competitors’ products, the calendar was a work of art. That was one of the core features of the project because it made it really easy for medical professionals to view everything in a single dashboard.


  • Сustom calendar for managing all plans and patient groups on a single page
  • Multi-tenancy (SaaS)
  • Plans and contacts management
  • Meetings/appointments scheduling
  • Private messages between patients and doctors
  • Progress visualization with charts and graphs
The staff at Anadea was at all times professional, competent, and results oriented. Our relationship for this project was successful and we look forward to a continued relationship on this and other projects.
CEO, GoGoof

More Than Just a Solution

The GoGoof application was successfully launched in May 2014. It allowed healthcare professionals to easily manage their practice, and client communications more effectively.

GoGoof is a web-based practice management software (SaaS) for the mental health sector, within medical service provisions. The application allows medical professionals to schedule appointments, create custom plans for individual patients or groups and review patients’ progress.

Patients get their own secure portal to connect with their therapist and track care provision and treatment progress.

Services &

  • Project management

  • Front-end development

  • Back-end development

  • Technology stack

    Ruby version 1.9.3 / Rails version 3.2, PostgreSQL 9, AJAX, WebSocket, jQuery, Faye.

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