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Thousands of students every year use the Ham-Nat Coach online platform to prepare for HAM-Nat, a science test to enter several medical universities in Germany.

ham-nat coach project

Story behind

Pascal Klein and Tjark Krüger are co-founders of the Ham-Nat Coach platform. The story of the idea began when being students, they were trying to successfully pass HAM-Nat themselves.

At that time, there were no decent sources to use for preparation - no books, not to mention eLearning platforms.

That’s why, back in 2017, the two started an initiative to help others prepare for HAM-Nat. Together, they wrote student books and came up with their online platform, Ham-Nat Coach, which is now used by thousands of students every year. It’s their own experience that helped Pascal and Tjark elicit the need and fill this gap in the German educational system.

Anadea work on Ham-Nat Coach

Highly experienced in educational software development, Anadea helped the project founders shape their idea of creating an eLearning platform.

The clients’ and our common goal was to develop a comprehensive tool to help students prepare for the science test, analyze their mistakes, and effectively fill the gaps in their knowledge - all of these in one place.

We successfully achieved this goal having ensured students’ engagement thanks to gamification elements, user ranks, and statistics.

Main features

Practice mode

The practice mode allows students to master individual subjects included in the HAM-Nat exam: biology, chemistry, math, physics, etc. Every subject is divided into themed tests where a correct answer to questions has to be picked. Students can see clues to the correct answers before giving theirs. Explanations are given to both correct and wrong answers to solidify knowledge, and a link to the internal knowledge base is given after each question for more info on the subject. This mode has no time restrictions for students to practice at their own pace.

Simulation mode

In the simulation mode, an Administrator can create an exam in one subject. Time to complete the test is limited and the student is unable to see the correct answer to the question until the examination ends. Unanswered questions are marked missed. Once the testing is completed, correct answers and links to the knowledge base are given as well.

Exam mode

Out of all the subjects, an exam similar to the actual HAM-Nat is compiled. The Administrator assigns the proportion of questions in each subject manually, however, 30% of tasks are always those a student had made a mistake in before. The student has 90 minutes to answer 60 questions. Once completed the exam, they see their rank among all the platform users.

Live statistics

To track their progress and prepare for the exam efficiently, students can access detailed statistics displaying their rank after each test session. This adds a touch of gamification to the studying process, and user ratings by subjects and tests give them a sense of competition. Seeing their statistics getting better encourages students to work harder for brighter results.


ham-nat coach project

Demo access with a limited number of questions to try the platform.

Built-in knowledge base with the ability to mark educational resources as read.

The Administrator can manually customize the studying program.

Motivating user statistics - percent of questions answered indicating readiness to the exam is displayed on a sidebar.

Basic protection of text from selection and copying for fair testing.

More than just a

Our team managed to deliver a fully functional and profitable solution and stay within the client’s budget thanks to an iterative approach to development and a small initial payment. Shortly after the launch, the platform attracted its target audience, and the project’s story was spotlighted in Forbes.

The platform’s high scalability and responsiveness enable building other studying programs on its base, which might pave the way to another success story of the clients.

In fact, they have something to say on their part! Check out our Interview with Pascal Klein, the Ham-Nat Coach project co-founder.

ham-nat coach project

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The team at Anadea exceeded expectations. Their communicative team delivered a high-quality product. They’re responsive, honest, and transparent. Customers can expect a team that delivers remarkable work quickly.
Pascal Klein, Ham-Nat Coach

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