Healthcare Marketplace

The Healthcare marketplace connects patients, clinics, and healthcare specialists within a single platform. The system allows users to manage their appointments and schedule, send and receive notifications, see user locations on the map, keep detailed records on patient visits, and much more.

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    Integration with clinic management systems

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    Progressive and responsive web app

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    Map-based location

A Story Behind

The client, a startup founded by a collaboration of 3 entrepreneurs, wanted to bring together healthcare specialists that own/operate private practice’s (dentists, dieticians, physiotherapists, etc.), as well as clinics and alternative medicine doctors on one platform. This way, it will more easily facilitate the search for the right doctor for patients across the country.

The client stated that before applying to Anadea healthcare development company, proposal requests were sent to many other companies, and most couldn’t provide the development of the whole system, but only some separate functionality or modules of the solution. The aim of the project was to provide a platform for patients to find the right medical specialists and book an appointment with one, either at the medical office or at the patient’s home.

Doctors and clinics can register in the app and accept appointments, giving them more freedom and flexibility when it comes to booking patients. Thus, the doctors could register as individual users and as a part of a clinic. Both doctors and clinics have to be approved by platform admins in order to start working through the platform. The application should contain an agenda for patients, doctors, clinics so that end-users would be able to check their upcoming appointments.

Anadea Team Effort

One of the aims of the healthcare marketplace, is that it should be a feature-rich and scalable system. As part of the process, the Anadea development team suggested starting with a thorough discovery phase. We elaborated and prioritized requirements, prepared a backlog, created prototypes to test them with a focus group. The design was changed several times for the most appealing user experience. Also, a system architect provided the customer with a technical consultation, and after that, we moved on to the MVP development.

Main Features

  • Payment

    Payment for subscriptions is fulfilled online right on the healthcare marketplace. The payment procedure is fast, smooth, and compliant with security standards.

  • Scheduler

    Regardless of the type of a user, they are able to make an appointment and see the availability for a doctor visit or a patient reception.

  • Map

    With the help of the map, users can identify a location, utilize the radius option to find needed healthcare specialists or clinics, see additional details like name, email, or phone number.

  • Notifications

    Every type of user can receive SMS/email notifications on the process they go through. For example, doctors can get changed, approved, postponed, canceled notifications on an appointment status.

Patient view

  • Search

    Users decide on a healthcare specialist and services using a sophisticated healthcare marketplace search engine. With filtering, they can choose according to specialization, location, language, services, price, working schedule, and several other criteria.

  • Book an appointment

    Patients can book an appointment with the healthcare specialist for themselves or for family members. For this, they fill in appointment details, personal profiles, and check the medical service, for instance, emergency, rehabilitation, and other criteria.

  • Patient history

    Patient doctors' visit history is stored in the system in the Journal Notes. This information is available to the chosen healthcare specialist or clinic.

Manager Panel

Clinic view


Clinic managers have got control over personnel (doctors and nurses) lists, can view their schedules and profiles, send them reminders, invite specialists/patients for appointments. For requests for homecare, managers can assign a healthcare specialist from the list of available ones and see details (status of the request, location, patient’s data, etc.).

Doctor view

  • Homecare

    Doctors and homecare specialists can see the location of patients on a map with the request details. If the personnel work in several clinics, they can add tags for different workplaces for better navigation.

  • Patients

    Healthcare specialists have access to a list of patients they take care of. In this section, they can view planned appointments, patient’s personal info, and journal notes within the History.


More Than Just
a Solution

The MVP that we developed for the startup client has a big potential to conquer the market. The customer, after a series of negotiations with investors, including state ones, evaluates prospects as promising and builds plans for adding such functionality as ordering a taxi or a specially equipped medical machine through the app.

As well as adding more monetization models, such as doctors’ and clinics’ promotions, and a range of other options. There is still a lot of work ahead, and Anadea is pleased to be working with the customer to support the ambitious plans going forward.

Services &

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  • frontened-development

    Front-end development

  • backend-development

    Back-end development

  • Technology stack

    PWA, React.js, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Docker, Infrastructure a Linux-based server at Amazon AWS, Google Maps, Stripe.

  • project-management

    Project management

  • quality_assurance

    Quality assurance

  • business analysis

    Business analysis

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