ListingDoor is a solution for the US real estate market. Lappin Properties, a successful Houston company that has created a system that allows people to sell their homes without a broker, wanted this developing to advance their marketing and sales efforts.


Quick facts about ListingDoor

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    Integrations -
    Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes!, AOL Homes

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    500+ local
    MLS's across the US

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    Uploading large images without slowing down the website

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    Uber for Real Estate Sales


The customer, Mark Lappin, is a successful entrepreneur and a specialist in the real estate sector. His wife, Sissy Lappin, is the author of a topical book “Simple And Sold”. They are experts in selling homes.

They decided to design a new web service that would help people sell their houses without hiring an agent in 2 easy steps - create an account, sell real estate through listings, alongside a collection of useful marketing materials.

While looking for a software company, Mark came across our successful project Agentfolio which is in the same sector. He was impressed with the quality and success of this application, and decided to bring on-board the Anadea team.

Anadea Work on ListingDoor

The first beta release covered the core of the project while all further ones introduced new prominent functions and services.

We started with building a basement of the front-end architecture. Later, a wide range of high-tech libraries and services were integrated. The market-ready version was eventually launched.

InfusionSoft was integrated into the flow. InfusionSoft is a fully-featured accounting backend for small businesses. It was used to process payments and orders. The team integrated a variety of third-party solutions: Google Maps property plotting technologies, real-time API listing that feed into national syndication services, including Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Homes!, AOL Homes.

The solution is based on a proven framework because huge databases that are common to custom real estate projects should be ready for scaling up.

Main Features

The core features of are three services. A user can create a brochure, a sale sign and a web listing for marketing purposes. Users are able to use all three services or choose any of them.

  • Adding property photos

    Once uploaded, the photos can be placed in any convenient way on the brochure.

  • Adding description and property details

    Since the application is targeted at a wide circle of users, it incorporates a handy way to enter information about a house.

  • Creating and customizing brochure and publishing

    Brochures and sale signs can also be printed or ordered in a printing house online.

  • Accounting/payment system

    Users can choose between different recurring payment plans and pay online. An accounting/payment system is incorporated into the workflow.

  • Mortgage calculator

    A useful tool for users to navigate in property prices, down payments (deposits), and monthly mortgage amounts, to help them choose the right property for them.

  • CMS

    Users have got access to a content management system attached to the public pages.

  • Marketing and sales integrations

    InfusionSoft is a marketing and sales cloud platform that streamlines ListingDoor’s customer lifecycle, customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture, and e-commerce activities.

  • Price estimation

    ListingDoor's IntelReport allows homeowners to accurately price their home utilizing the same local comparable sales data that appraisers and agents use.

  • MLS integrations

    ListingDoor syndicates listings to all national listing services including local MLS service.


When ListingDoor was launched, it quickly started winning new customers. ListingDoor quickly gained popularity among the average home seller because the solution allowed to exclude paying real estate agent commission which means a 40-60% loss in equity. From our side, we were happy to implement this bold idea and create a useful product that changes the real estate market in the US.

Services &

ListingDoor is a live product hosted on two Linux-based servers: a staging server and a production server. The servers have equal configurations. The staging server is used for testing and demo purposes while the production server contains the correct data and is open for public.

ListingDoor has the traditional MVC architecture with RESTful API. The code is covered with automatic tests – both specs (RSpec/FactoryGirl) and integration tests. Capybara, Poltergeist and PhantomJS are used to test out all use cases of the main flow.

The application is medium sized. The gemset consists of common gems as well as rare ones. A special gem is used to incorporate InfusionSoft into the core of the application. Faye and a PrivatePub gem is included to arrange internal messaging when background processes are being run.

  • design

    Design UX/UI

  • quality_assurance

    Quality assurance

  • backend-development

    Back-end development

  • frontened-development

    Front-end development

  • Technology stack

    Ruby on Rails,
    PostgreSQL, Nginx

Bottom line

After 4 beta releases which were tested by early adopters, the was opened to public. It started gaining real home owners who wanted to sell their homes and get promotion. At the same time, Mark Lappin gathered many great ideas about how to evolve the portal. From our side, we would be happy to implement any crazy idea that will make the product more unique.

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