Live the Lingo E-learning platform

Live The Lingo is an e-learning platform, which includes a virtual classroom designed to help improve spoken English for adults and children


Quick facts about Live the Lingo

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    Virtual classroom

    An online learning environment to facilitate one-to-one interactions between a tutor and student

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    Lessons Booking

    Any user can book a lesson with a tutor from a Calendar in Upcoming Lessons on the dashboard

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    English Test

    The English Test provides a useful initial assessment of the current level of English, which provides a useful guide for a tutor

A Story Behind

The client, Fiona McKenna, Co-founder of the Irish education startup behind this project, believes that the best way to learn a language is by communicating and interacting with people.

The Founders decided to make English part of a student’s life and provide a secure online platform to make possible a real-life exchange of language and culture with the tutors.

With our strong expertise in e-Learning development, Anadea was selected to build the platform from scratch. The client also was impressed by our comprehensive approach and our past experience with educational projects, such as Stav Online.

Main Features

The system with real-time video connection and chat with file sharing helps people achieve and maintain fluency in English.

  • Booking system

    We developed a system where users can see the tutor’s availability and make a booking from the dashboard calendar. Users can change their bookings, reschedule a lesson, or cancel it in the Calendar.

  • Video call connection

    We added real-time voice and video communication solutions to the platform, as practice speaking is essential for learning any language

  • Chat

    During the lesson, students also can communicate with the tutor via Chat sharing screens, and sending/receiving files. The tutor may send notes and relevant digital English learning resources.

  • Multilingual

    Live The Lingo comes in two languages, to start with, and it is possible to add many others.

Live the lingo

Lesson credits and Gift Vouchers

Before starting any lessons, students need to buy lesson credits. Users also can buy Gift Vouchers. The Anadea team implemented credit systems that allowed you to buy lessons in packages or separately. We integrated PayPal and Stripe to process card payments.

More Than Just
a Solution

Anadea joined forces with the customer to create a fully-featured e-learning portal. Overall the platform helps to develop a better understanding and stronger engagement with the English language.

Services &

  • design


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    Back-end development

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    Front-end development

  • project-management

    Project management

  • Technology stack

    Scala, Play, Slick, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery (as Bootstrap dependency), Javascript, ReactJS

Customer’s Impression

The staff at Anadea was at all times professional, competent, and results oriented. Our relationship for this project was successful and we look forward to a continued relationship on this and other projects.
CEO, Live The Lingo

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