My Medical Guide Clinic Management SoftWare

My Medical Guide is a custom solution that automates and digitizes the work of a medical institution.


Quick facts about My Medical Guide

  • guard


    The software supports the high security of private data and corresponds to Electronic HIPAA.

  • stability


    Downloaded files and recurrent backups are stored on Amazon Web Services.

  • legacy

    A challenging legacy project

    Anadea development team overcame a lot of tech challenges to make a client happy with the result.

Story Behind

My Medical Guide is a legacy project that Anadea joined to help Joseph T. Cruise, MD, an owner of a Plastic Surgery Clinic.

The client had an unsuccessful experience of collaboration with one other offshore development team and was looking for ways to put things in order. He wanted the system to be finally delivered as he had lost quite much time and effort with a vendor who did not live up to expectations.

Over some time of collaboration with Anadea healthcare software developers, the client extended the list of tasks and entrusted the team to enhance the system.

Team Effort

Anadea took care of the main website, as well as a number of websites-satellites, and led the whole project to a working state. After Anadea’s commitment, websites-satellites started to work with obfuscated data. Data obfuscation is the process of hiding original data with modified content used to protect personally identifiable information.

Being a custom medical software development company, we know how to improve features for managing the clinic’s processes. For instance, we added the possibility to store all documents and notes about the patient visits in a chronological order, in accordance with a list of selected procedures for operations, patient features, etc.

Main Features

Patient records management

The feature ensures access, secure storage, management of electronic health records, medical history, prescriptions, etc.

Visit management with dynamic templates

Patient reception is simplified thanks to the visit management feature with dynamically adjusted templates. The doctor prepares a template for certain procedures and a visit type. During the visit, the system builds parts of templates into one extended template based on a visit type and procedures list.

  • Staff calendar

    The clinic’s staff schedule appointments and patient visits in the calendar to plan their day, week, and month workload.

  • "ToDos"

    A tool for giving tasks to employees. Tasks are assigned with a start date/time and are tagged as completed when done. For better navigation in the workflow, items of the list can be searched under various filters.

  • Integrations

    The team fulfilled integrations with an e-Prescribing tool (MDToolbox), content editing tool (CKEditor), contact forms used on external WordPress resources.

Jola Cruise photo
“They have coded in a very high
standard many of the modules in our
software, i.e. timeline for patient visits,
documentation, scheduler, etc.”
Jola Cruise


A project came to our medical software development company in disrepair. It had outdated code, complex structure, no documentation. Testing on the project had never been done before.

The first phase of our custom healthcare software developers covered correction, refinement, acceleration, and testing of existing functionality. We optimized the frequently used part of the application and disabled the unused part.

During the process of implementing new functionality, the team updated gems and changed the outdated code. Developers removed bulky self-written solutions from the application and replaced them with standard and reliable ones. As a result, the team managed to update Ruby and RoR.

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The initial request of the customer was to digitize processes in his Plastic Surgery Clinic and get a support of the existing solutions, but with time, thanks to close collaboration, Joseph T. Cruise got a complex and pervasive Clinic Management Software that optimized many of his business processes.

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