Nordic Learning Platform

Nordic Learning Platform is an ecosystem that provides all the necessary tools to assist the leadership, teachers, and students in focusing on their learning and development journey.

Quick facts about Nordic

  • ML-powered learning platform

  • Compliance with the Finnish government educational system

  • Compliance with the British government educational system

  • Available on desktop, tablet, and mobile

The Client


A Finnish EdTech Startup New Nordic Schools is listed among the 50 most promising EdTech startups headquartered in the Nordic-Baltic region.

The need of the client was to build from the ground a web solution that would innovate Nordic Baccalaureate curriculum, enhance pedagogy, and develop a demanded tool not only for Finland but for schools worldwide. The project is running since September 2020 and has passed a number of releases and enhancements.


Now the New Nordic Schools Educational System is a powerful ecosystem for pre-k through grade 12 that empowers all students to explore their natural creativity, discover their true passions, and shape their own future.

It applies the renowned Finnish curriculum integrated with the best pedagogical practices from around the world to provide a personalized, purposeful, and locally relevant system.

The New Nordic Schools Educational System includes the Nordic Baccalaureate curriculum, professional development, quality assurance, and a technology platform - Nordic Learning Platform.

Core Features

  • Integrated Whiteboarding tool for live online lessons

  • Resource library with premium content from Britannica Digital Learning and open education resources

  • Integration with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and other third-party tools

  • Functionality for building interactive quizzes


ML feature for quizzes helps teachers to generate quizzes in seconds based on Wikipedia, Youtube, their own text, and materials from Britannica library.

ML recommendation engine proposes useful resources on the subject to students to improve their results.

“The objective of New Nordic Schools is to apply interactive methods of learning and promote students’ critical thinking with a non-standardized individual approach.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we’ll be figuring out how a student is studying and trying to improve this process for them with no need to ask questions to the teacher. For example, if the student finds some topic difficult, our system will manage to detect it and the ML recommendation engine will propose useful resources on the matter.

The teacher, in their turn, will enter our platform and have their lesson plans ready based on the year they teach and also receive a bunch of recommended materials.”

Excerpt from Helsinki Times article by Masnad Nehith, Technical Director at New Nordic Schools

Plans for Future

Aside from the recommendation engine and ML feature for quizzes, the client is also thinking of adding an AI-driven module called e-portfolio.

It will graphically display students’ performance and progress and give them ideas on how to improve. The team will proceed to work on making ML features more sophisticated.

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