Sports Social App and Web Platform

The purpose of the sports social network is to attract and connect people related to sports (sportsmen, agents, financial advisors, sponsors, sports fans, and sports amateurs) in one place to ease their communication and make it mutually beneficial.

Quick facts about Sports Social App and Web Platform

  • LinkedIn-like

  • Freemium
    and paid ads

  • Global

  • Web-based
    admin panel

A Story Behind

A client is an individual entrepreneur from Latin America and a lifelong sports fan. He contacted us with an idea to build a social network for professionals, sports enthusiasts, and parties involved in the sports industry (agents, financial advisors, sponsors). Existing communities and groups in popular social networks are not numerous in the number of their members and can’t provide flexible search.

Besides, the profiles of the users are not tailored to sports. They are personal. So, the main goal of this professional network is to provide the target audience with one space for contacting each other and communicating for mutual benefit.

His long-term goal is to get funding with the MVP for the second stage of development. It implies adding fantasy sports features.

Main Features

choosing the user type
  • Dividing users into user types for a better connection between them. Such user classes as Agent, Sports Professional, Company, Financial Advisor, and Fan are present in the system. Each has informational fields to fill in while registering an account. For instance, for sports professionals there are fields for such metrics as weight, height, career and awards, membership in leagues, and others, depending on the sports category they relate to.

text messaging
  • The solution is built to have enough database capacity for users’ photo, audio, and video storage. Users can do podcasts, make posts, like and share, send private messages, leave comments, and rate other users or user-generated content. Part of user-generated content (courses, podcasts, etc.) is available by subscription.

followers list
  • One more revenue flow is generated by paid subscriptions.

  • The solution has its own admin panel for flexible adjustment.

  • The solution has an in-build ads system for advertisers.

Tech Stack

  • Back-end development

    Kotlin, Spring Framework

  • Frontend development

    TypeScript, React.js

  • Mobile development

    Dart, Flutter

  • DataBase


  • Deployment


  • Infrastructure

    Cloud-based on Amazon AWS


Business Analysis (Discovery Phase), UI/UX, Frontend development, Mobile development, Backend development, Testing


Stripe - for payments,
SendGrid - for emails

More Than Just a Solution

Sports Social App and Web Platform is a well-balanced ecosystem that inspires people to use it for their professional and personal growth, as well as for establishing valuable business connections.

Now it’s mostly designed for growing a personal brand, building a professional network, self-education, and improvement by taking courses. The rating system, time spent online, and activity of the user work for this purpose.

Advertisers are happy to find the most relevant target audience, while professional coaches can promote their courses.

For the second development phase, it’s planned to add entertainment features, such as fantasy sports.

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