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Since 2009, Anadea top Node.js engineers apply their talent and experience to build complex Node.js-based solutions that fully meet your business goals.

Rely on Node.js Development Services for Resultful Apps

As a top Java application development company, we provide a great variety of custom development of industry-specific solutions.

System Architecture

Node.js is a robust JavaScript-based platform ideal for applications handling large amounts of data, such as video streaming, chats, and various web apps. The NodeJS server architecture accommodates multiple concurrent clients, utilizing less memory and fewer resources while processing client requests efficiently and effortlessly.

API Development

Our team crafts APIs using backend libraries like Express, Nest.js, and Next.js, ensuring seamless integration with your IT infrastructure. With Node.js, we create APIs that are not only fast but also scalable and secure, enhancing the overall performance of your system.

Server-side Development

Node.js developers specialize in server-side development for web applications and backend development for mobile applications, delivering enhanced speed and performance. By leveraging the power of Node.js, we ensure your applications run seamlessly and efficiently on the server-side.

Custom Node.js Solutions We Develop

Single-Page Apps

Building single-page apps with Node.js has got several vivid advantages: one language in the project (JavaScript) makes it easier to code. There's an opportunity to share code between the frontend and backend apps or even make the app isomorphic - the one that can run both in the server and the client. In conclusion, Node.js allows server-side rendering.

Collaboration Apps

Built with Node.js, collaboration apps allow the support of multiple users working together simultaneously to reach their goal. High performance and seamless work of such apps are vitally important. These challenges are successfully met by our Node.js programmers.

Chat Apps

Chat apps are the ones where it’s necessary to stock and process a big amount of data from multiple users. To make these apps work seamlessly, our team uses Node.js.

Social media apps need to be lightweight from a programming perspective. Node.js is a great option for this kind of solution.

Video Streaming Apps

Our development team uses Node.js to handle process fetching and streaming videos, generate thumbnails for videos, and create captions and subtitles for live video streaming.

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Benefit from Using Node.js for Your Next Project

Performance and speed

A big plus of Node.js is that it allows you to execute code asynchronously. The application receives a request from a client and makes a request to the database, but does not wait for a response, and processes a request from another client, and so on. Node.js allows non-blocking, input-output operations (read from the database, and write to the database) from different clients, thus making code execution significantly faster.

A common language for backend and frontend programming

Full-stack developers can use one development language, in this case, Javascript, to build the front and back of your application. It’s easier for developers to work with the backend since Node.js uses Javascript, and they do not need to learn a new language, for example, Python, Ruby, Java, etc. It comes out cheaper for the project, as you don't need to hire 2 different developers.

Limitless integrations

Node.js is a versatile platform that easily integrates with various cutting-edge technologies, positioning it as an excellent choice for businesses interested in embracing modern development practices. By incorporating Node.js into their technology stack, organizations can leverage the benefits of microservices, serverless architecture, and containerization.


One of the pros of Node.js is its ability to cache data. When requests are made to the app, they are cached in-app memory. As a result, the request is processed faster, as it doesn’t go to the database, but to the in-app memory. This is faster than waiting for the response from a database, the server response time is significantly shorter.

Scaling up with ease

Node.js enables seamless scalability, allowing your application to grow vertically by adding new features or horizontally by adding new resources to handle increased traffic and users. With Node.js, you can easily scale your application and ensure a fast and responsive user experience, even as your project grows.

Faster time-to-market

Thanks to the extensive library with dozens of open-source options that can be added to your app project immediately, the time-to-market of software written in Node.js is significantly reduced. This not only speeds up the development process but also helps to ensure code quality and reliability, as open-source modules have been tested and used by thousands of developers worldwide.

Anadea's Node.js Projects

Browse our selection of Node.js development projects and see how we create effective solutions to meet diverse business challenges.


CodeCoach offers personal coding lessons for kids, facilitated by certified computer science tutors. Node.js enables real-time interactions and scalable architecture, contributing to a reliable and efficient learning environment.


MyNE is employed by medical professionals to assess and monitor mental health states. Built using Node.js, the app supports real-time data capture and analytics, facilitating consistent and accurate tracking.

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