Hospital Management Software Solutions You Can Adopt

Practice Management
Software Solutions

We create medical Practice Management Software with functionalities of patient registration, putting down patient demographics and medical data, handling insurance, and automating administrative tasks.

Management Software

An integrated radiology management platform gives full flexibility in daily workflow, managing and analyzing lab operations with better expertise.

Management System

The pathology lab management system is created to manage vital activities taking place in the pathology center. A kit of features from booking a patient’s test to video consultation saves time and increases productivity. All of this is possible thanks to hospital management system software engineering.

Management Software

Pharmacy Management solutions enable pharmacists to conduct their daily operations easily and conveniently. They can manage medical bills, view reports of expired medicine, import stock information, and much more.

The Standards You Will Comply With Us

Our developers make sure that your hospital software complies with regulatory standards including specifications set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

AI/ML/DL Facilities to Resolve Daily Tasks Automatically

We are happy to help you to create the following features based on Deep Learning for your hospital management software solutions.

Chat-bots, Dialogue Systems

Facial recognition, Emotion detection

Object detection, Collaborative filtering

Content-based filtering, Reinforcement Learning

Smart Staff scheduling

Call center routing

6 Reasons Why You
Should Choose Anadea

  • Anadea team has applicable experience in custom software development for healthcare.

  • We comply with deadlines and budgets.

  • Our dedicated medical app developers are accessible whenever needed.

  • We guarantee honesty and transparency regarding healthcare software development services costs.

  • C1 English, as well as clear and honest communication, are at the core of everything we do.

  • Speed and precision of our work outreach the expectations of many of our clients.

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