The Chatboard app is specifically designed to facilitate collaboration between classmates, it helps students become more productive, build relationships and gain a better learning experience.


Communication is the key that unlocks lots of doors. People want to stay in touch with each other and it's not just about satisfying their social needs. Effective communication helps us to succeed in business and personal life.

The same is with gaining education, there are so many questions to discuss with classmates and there is so few time. Erik and Chris Vallenilla, founders of this project, came up with a concept of a brand new social networking app aimed to bridge the communication gap between students and allow them to solve various educational issues in real time.

This is something they missed in their own college years and present-day students, with their passion to mobile devices would definitely benefit from such a helpful communication tool. This is how the idea of Chatboard app was born.

Key features for

Student profile

Every student sets up a profile with photo, bio and all necessary settings. Students can view profiles of each other to see which classes they have in common and get to know one another better.

Managing data

Students can join and leave classes and group chats. They can make their accounts private so that others can't see their courses counter and list. There is also a built in mechanism for moderating messages and blocking users.

Class feed

There is a separate feed for each class where students belonging to that class can post messages available to all classmates, like and comment on what others have shared.

  • Group chat

    Students can create group chats within a certain class. Group chats are accessed by selected classmates only. This feature is helpful when students work on team projects or if they want to have a private conversation with friends.

  • Direct messages and photos

    Students are given an ability to exchange direct messages with any of their classmates. Students have an option to attach photos from the gallery or from the camera to their posts on feed, group chats and private messages.

  • Notifications

    Within each class, students are notified of all new activities, e.g. invites to groups, unread messages in chats, likes and comments on their posts.



The admin side of the app is based on the idea to delegate key moderation functions to students. Admins have a very limited role, they are not supposed to intrude into student's communication and allowed to perform only some basic functions through the admin panel.

Features for

  • Schools

    An admin can add, view and edit school's data and email domains.

  • Courses

    Admin side provides options to view and filter courses for a given school, monitor course statistics, delete finished courses.

  • Students

    App administrator can view and filter students for a given school, block certain students (emails), process problem reports from students.

"It's really exciting that I can now start and get this app out there. Thank you for all the hard work done by you and your team. It has been great working with you."
Erik and Chris

More than just a solution

Chatboard is a unique, nice performing and useful app. The app seamlessly integrates mobile technologies into the educational process to provide a better way for students to socialize and improve their college experience. It empowers students to exchange information and collaborate efficiently with each other using smartphones. This mobile application relieves students from the necessity to discuss all the questions with the classmates face-to-face. Instead they can easily do all the communication via the app which is much more convenient for the young generation.

Services &

  • backend-development

    Back-end development

  • design


  • iOS app development

    Server configuration

  • iOS app development

    iOS app development

  • Technology stack

    Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Faye
    Objective-C, iOS SDK
    Java, Android SDK

  • Android app development

    Android app development

  • quality_assurance

    Quality assurance

  • project-management

    Project management

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