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The Electric Car Scheme is a web application that enables small businesses in the UK to offer their employees a convenient and cost-effective way to drive an electric car.

Story behind

In the UK, there is an initiative for employers to offer their employees discounts on electric vehicles (EVs) through car salary sacrificing. However, accessing this benefit can be challenging, especially for small businesses. That's where companies like The Electric Car Scheme (ECS) come in, acting as an intermediary between businesses and the official program.

The ECS understands the importance of supporting employees' personal efforts toward sustainability and happiness by providing them access to the program.

To simplify the process of leasing electric cars using the electric cars scheme, Anadea, a software development company, collaborated with the ECS to develop a user-friendly web application.

Platform working & features

The Electric Car Scheme is an accessible and convenient solution for employers to offer electric cars to their teams, facilitating access to an attractive proposition.

By participating, they can sacrifice a portion of their pre-tax salary in exchange for the use of an electric car. This not only makes electric cars more affordable but also resonates with a growing conscious movement to reduce carbon footprints.

Get familiarized with how the Electric Car Scheme platform works

Employer (business representative) registers in the car leasing platform and agrees to the terms and conditions.

Once the employer confirms their participation, employees enter the platform, select the EV they wish to lease, and enter their salary.

The web application performs complex calculations based on various factors such as the employee’s salary, chosen car model, mileage, battery capacity, and tax implications to determine the monthly lease payment.

The employer covers the entire cost of the lease, which is then deducted from the employee's pre-tax salary.

As a result, the employee benefits from a lower tax and National Insurance contribution threshold.

The employer also saves on National Insurance contributions, making the overall cost of offering the benefit more affordable.

At the end of the lease term, the employee can opt to purchase the vehicle at a predetermined price or return it.

Lease & Subscription

The Electric Car Scheme is the first car salary sacrificing company to offer its users the Subscription model in addition to a more common Lease model.

The credit requirements of subscription providers are lower than at leasing companies since the hire arrangement is shorter. With this dual model, The Electric Car Scheme has established its position as a trailblazer among the competition.

Anadea’s contribution

Anadea developed a web application that enables employees to browse and select from a range of electric cars available through The Electric Car Scheme.

Employees can easily calculate tax benefits and view detailed breakdowns of costs, allowing them to make informed decisions about their preferred vehicle. The client’s electric car lease platform also includes features such as automated processes and document flow, which simplifies partner registration and management. This integration with DocuSign, Mailgun, GoCardless, and Pipedrive ensure a smooth user experience and minimize administrative tasks.

Continuous ideation

Given the official nature of the electric cars scheme, platforms like the one of our client are in great demand in the UK. This also explains the competition. Although the concept of the ECS isn’t 100% unique, there’s one thing that makes it the first to respond to the emerging needs of the customers: continuous ideation with both the client’s and Anadea's teams. The client recognized our team for effective communication and active collaboration in brainstorming ways to improve the product.

I think it’s the communication that affected my final decision [to choose Anadea]. That was the best. It was a real understanding of my needs and then playing that back to me saying what I needed, like “Here’s how we’re going to achieve, and here are concerns.

Tom Eilon

CIO at The Electric Car Scheme

Immediate response

Together with Anadea, the client’s team is constantly addressing user feedback. One major area of improvement that is always prioritized is a user-friendly experience aimed at increasing conversion. With this in mind, ways to streamline the path from entering the application to getting a quote have been worked out.

Getting a quote in two clicks

Before Anadea’s involvement, the ECS users had to navigate through several steps before obtaining crucial information about pricing conditions. This process has since been modified, allowing users to access this data and book a consultation in a single step.

Only essential user data is involved

The potential users of the ECS are not overwhelmed by the need to enter excessive personal data, a factor that used to lowering the conversion rates. The amount of information they need to provide is very reasonable but just enough for the ECS reps to take further action.


Thanks to the collaboration between Anadea and The Electric Car Scheme, small businesses across the UK can now offer electric car salary sacrifice program to their employees. In 2023, the company has multiplied its sales team, greatly enhancing its presence in the industry. Its revenue has increased by over 50% in the past year alone, with profits exceeding expectations.

The company's success story serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the company car lease scheme offered by The Electric Car Scheme backed by Anadea’s developers.

As the demand for eco-friendly practices continues to grow, the service provided by our client is poised to play a vital role in shaping the future of the automotive industry.

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