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Custom real estate software that passes the test of time, same to housings you work with. Cooperate with Anadea and join the experience of market giants like Zillow.

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Navigate the essential types of custom real estate software we develop, ensuring comprehensive support for professionals and maximum value for their clients.

Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

An integral type of real estate agency software, MLS solutions centralize databases for real estate listings, facilitating agent collaboration and property marketing.

  • Property Listing Platforms
  • Data Syndication Tools
  • Advanced Search and Filtering Capabilities

Internet Data Exchange (IDX)

Solutions that integrate MLS listings into real estate websites, enhancing online visibility and client engagement.

  • Website Integration Tools
  • Customizable Property Display
  • Lead Capture Features
Property Management Software

Property Management Software

Streamline management of rental properties from tenant screening to maintenance and financial reporting.

  • Tenant Management Systems
  • Facility Maintenance Scheduling
  • Rent Collection and Financial Tracking

Valuation Software

Provide accurate property value estimates using market data, essential for appraisals and pricing strategies.

  • Automated Valuation Models (AVM)
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Tools
  • Integration with Public Records
Accounting Software

Accounting Software

Tailored for real estate financial transactions, offering budgeting, tax management, and compliance features.

  • Real Estate Financial Management
  • Budgeting and Forecasting Tools
  • Tax Management and Compliance

Investment Software

Facilitate real estate investment decisions, portfolio management, and REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) administration.

  • Portfolio Management Platforms
  • Market Analysis and Research Tools
  • REIT Administration Systems
Real Estate ERP

Real Estate ERP

Integrate various business processes within real estate, from project management to CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and analytics.

  • Project Management Modules
  • CRM Systems
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

Construction Management Tools

Essential for managing building projects, from cost estimation to design and architectural planning.

  • Construction Cost Estimators
  • Design and Architectural Software
  • Project Scheduling and Resource Management Tools
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Irina Lysenko Head of Sales

Irina Lysenko

Head of Sales

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Services we offer

Explore our comprehensive range of real estate software development services set to enhance efficiency, innovation, and growth of your business.


Specializing in real estate website development, we create dynamic, SEO-friendly websites designed to showcase properties, integrate MLS listings, and provide an engaging user experience to attract potential buyers and sellers.

Developing bespoke web and mobile applications for the real estate sector, we focus on delivering user-friendly integrated platforms that enable seamless property searches, client interactions, and real-time market updates for both agents and clients on the go.

Our UI/UX design services for real estate platforms are centered on creating intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and user-centric designs. We ensure that navigating through property listings, valuation tools, and other real estate functionalities is a seamless and engaging experience for users.

We offer comprehensive code audit services for real estate software, ensuring that your applications are robust and secure. Our audits identify potential improvements and align your software with best practices in real estate technology.

Our quality assurance services encompass thorough testing strategies to ensure functionality, reliability, and performance. We conduct rigorous testing of property management systems, listing platforms, and other real estate applications to guarantee the highest quality standards.

Legacy Migration

Our legacy migration service in real estate software focuses on smoothly transitioning your existing systems to modern, scalable platforms without disrupting your operational workflow. We ensure seamless data migration, system upgrades, and integration with the latest real estate software technologies.

Integration with Third-party Services

We specialize in integrating third-party services into real estate software, enhancing functionality with tools such as CRM systems (e.g., Salesforce), financial software (e.g., QuickBooks), and MLS data providers. These integrations streamline workflows, improve data accuracy, and expand the capabilities of real estate platforms.

Featured projects

StreetEasy by Zillow

New York City’s leading local real estate marketplace, with mobile and web-based versions, providing comprehensive property listings and market data.

  • Partners since 2009
  • Expanded our project involvement 6-fold
  • Launched a mobile app in 2019
  • Integrated Machine Learning functionality in 2021
StreetEasy Case study


A system that allows people to sell their homes without a broker. A user can create a brochure, a sale sign, and a web listing for marketing purposes.

ListingDoor Case study


A collaboration tool for real estate agents and their clients that provides a workspace where everyone involved in home search can explore and discuss property listings in real time.

Agentfolio Case study

Features for advanced real estate systems

Our focus is on delivering a balanced mix of practicality and innovation, ensuring each system is equipped with must-have features that drive efficiency and success. Discover the core features that form the backbone of competitive real estate solutions.

Geolocation and GIS Mapping

Integrate GIS (Geographic Information System) for detailed mapping and geolocation services, essential for property searches based on specific locales and neighborhood demographics.

Flexible Search and Filters

Implement advanced search functionalities and customizable filters, allowing users to efficiently navigate and pinpoint properties that match their specific criteria and preferences.

Document Management with E-Signatures

Streamline transactions with digital document management systems and e-signature integration for secure and efficient contract handling.

Real-Time Notifications & MLS Integration

Implement real-time notification systems and integrate with MLS (Multiple Listing Service) for up-to-date property information and notifications.

Calendar Integration for Scheduling

Seamlessly integrate calendar systems for efficient appointment setting and event management, vital for coordinating viewings, meetings, and open houses.

Mortgage and ROI Calculators

Integrate financial tools including mortgage calculators and ROI (Return on Investment) estimation tools for comprehensive financial planning.

Recommendation Service

Integrate a personalized property recommendation engine, using user preferences and behavior analysis to suggest relevant listings.

Integration with Analytics Tools

Connect with Google Analytics and other platforms for tracking user actions, enabling A/B testing and data-driven decision-making on the website.

CRM Integration for Lead Nurturing

Incorporate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems for effective lead tracking and nurturing, tailored for the real estate sector.

Contact and Inquiry Features

Offer user-friendly contact forms and inquiry options, enabling direct communication between users and real estate professionals.

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Reinvent real estate with AI

Artificial intelligence transforms conventional real estate processes, offering smarter, faster, and more accurate operations. Explore how AI is redefining real estate, setting new standards for excellence.

AI-Powered Chatbots for Customer Interaction

Deploy intelligent chatbots to enhance customer service, automate responses, and provide instant assistance to clients and prospects.

Predictive Analytics for Market Trends

Utilize AI for predictive analytics, offering insights into market trends and future real estate behaviors, essential for investors and agents.

Intelligent Property Management Systems

Use AI to revolutionize your property management. Predict maintenance needs, optimize energy usage, and cut costs effectively with advanced machine learning algorithms.

AI-Enhanced Management

Analyze market data, investment trends, and economic indicators using AI. Predict property valuations and assess risks to make informed investment decisions.

Document Data Extraction

Enhance your data extraction capabilities by not only recognizing text from document images but also identifying complete fields. This automation streamlines paperwork and liberates you from the constraints of manual data categorization.

Virtual Property Tours

Transform the property viewing experience. Offer immersive, AI-personalized virtual tours that adapt in real-time to highlight features tailored to each viewer`s preferences.

Real Estate Sentiment Analysis

Leverage natural language processing to gauge public sentiment. Analyze social media, news, and textual data for insights into market perceptions and trends that can guide your investment strategies.

Geospatial Analysis for Site Selection

Utilize AI-powered geospatial analysis tools to select the best sites for your development projects. Consider demographics, traffic patterns, and amenities proximity for a comprehensive site evaluation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Utilize RPA to automate routine real estate processes, reduce manual errors, and increase operational efficiency in various administrative tasks.

Virtual Staging AR/VR Solutions

Offer augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) based virtual staging tools for an immersive property viewing experience.

Excited to try AI and Machine Learning in your real estate business?

Anadea’s experts are ready to help. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will craft a bespoke strategy to integrate these technologies seamlessly into your operations.

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The platform has proved extremely successful for me and my buyers in terms of searching, organization, and communication. The founder is a friend of mine and I’m proud to see his work help buyers and brokers alike navigate the complicated sales process here in NYC.

Tom Eilon

Nile Lundgren

President of Dallien Realty


The team spirit, project management controls, and how well they took care of the project impressed us. Not much to say here, they were on point and available whenever I needed them.

Owner of Qatari real estate startup

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I am absolutely satisfied with Anadea's performance. Keep in constant communication with them. They are proactive and for a project to work well, you need to keep up with their speed and tenacity. I rate them highly and recommend them to others.

Founder of Australian development agency

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