Scala Development Services

Scala is a powerful programming language for businesses that need easy scaling and high performance. Due to its compact syntax, our skilled Scala developers will reduce your project’s time to market and provide a flawless launch.

  • Custom Scala Development Services We Provide

  • SaaS Scala Development

    Accelerate your business scaling and growth with SaaS Scala Development Services. We provide every step of a product's development from start to finish.

  • Web Scala Development

    We suggest highly responsive custom websites, web platforms, and web-based inner business systems with backend written with Scala.

  • Scala Development for Mobile

    We provide mobile development with a solid backend built with Scala for any kind of mobile apps - web, native, cross-platform, and hybrid.

  • Server-Side Development

    We do qualitative server-side Scala development for mobile and web systems.

  • Scala Consulting

    The team provides you with a complex code review to assess the code and architecture quality. You’d get a full understanding of how to make your product healthier.

Technologies Our Scala Developers Master

Play Framework

Our Scala developers use Play Framework to easily build web applications with Java & Scala, as well as support projects and add new features.

Akka - for scaling

We use Akka to build and scale powerful, reactive, concurrent, and distributed applications.


At Anadea, Scala development company, we use Spark, a multi-language engine, for developing analytics, data engineering, data science, and machine learning projects.

Why Anadea is the Best Option When it Comes to Scala

Anadea Scala engineers have built dozens of projects, including Stav Online interactive e-learning platform that is a project of a national scale.

Apart from Scala, our development experts are also skilled at functional programming.

Scala developers will help you with legacy systems and those that need code review. We helped a British company with a betting messenger, starting from improving the codebase, rewriting architecture and microservices, and scaling the solution to other countries.

Anadea Scala developers are seniors, with great experience in projects from different domains. Apart from Scala, they specialize also in Java and Kotlin.

We’ve got experience in building scalable systems with monolith and microservices architecture.

How it Goes, Step by Step

Pre-sale Phase

  • You send us a Quote Request.

  • NDA is signed if needed.

  • Communication with Sales Manager and Team Representatives.

  • Commercial offer preparation - The Development Team preliminary assesses Project Scope, Time & Cost, gives recommendations regarding the Discovery Phase if necessary.

  • Contract signing, first invoice generation with Sales Manager and Financial Manager.

The Project Start

  • Kick-off meeting (Sales Manager becomes your Account Manager, who introduces you to the assigned team, that will work with you)

Discovery Phase if your project is complex and can't do without it

Requirement Analysis

  • Requirements elicitation and analysis

Development phase

  • Product Design

  • Product Development

  • Product Testing

  • Launch and Maintenance

  • After-release support if you need it

Meetings and Reports

  • Daily meetings if you need

  • Sprint planning meetings

  • Backlog refinements

  • Reports on the work done during the sprint

  • Demos at the end of the sprint

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