Leverage Our Telemedicine Platform Development Services

  • Telemedicine Software Development

    Cloud-based telemedicine software is developed by our telemedicine software development company with improved video conferencing, e-prescription handling, and remote patient checkup.

  • EHR/EMR Integration

    Our telemedicine software applications integrate with EHR systems by using safe messaging and encrypted file transfer protocols. Smooth health records exchange is possible through the integration of EHR with telemedicine.

  • Telemedicine Mobile Apps and mHealth Apps

    We build HIPAA compliant telemedicine mobile apps for iOS and Android and native, web, and hybrid mHealth applications for multiple platforms.

    Remote Patient Monitoring

    A remote patient monitoring system is integrated into a telehealth app that continuously monitors patient’s physiological parameters through wearable and IoT devices.

    Video Conferencing

    Anadea’s telemedicine solutions include HD video conferencing software that facilitates virtual doctor’s meetings and doctor-to-doctor consultations through desktops, mobile devices, and web browser apps.

    Integrations with Pharmacy

    Pharmacy software can be integrated into a telemedicine app to connect patients and pharmacists. Pharmacists are obliged to add medical invoices to the app so that doctors and authorities could keep track of prescriptions.

  • Discover Telemedicine in Web or in Your Pocket With Us

  • We can develop a Telehealth app in the form of an app or web version, using our Web Development and Mobile Development competencies.

Make Full Use of Our AI/ML/DL Capabilities

Explore the following features with our Deep Learning capabilities at service for your telemedicine software solutions.

  • Smart Staff scheduling
  • Chat-bots, Dialogue Systems
  • Call center routing
  • Facial recognition, Emotion
  • Object Detection
  • Collaborative filtering, Content-
    based filtering, Recommendations
    using Reinforcement Learning

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