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We are not only talking — we are doing! 20+ years in software development allows us to deliver quality IT consulting services to optimize work on your projects, introduce new project management tools, suggest the best technology choices, and reduce costs.

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IT Consulting:

When do you need it?

“Want a thing done well, do it yourself,” they say. Sounds bold yet not the case if you are developing a software product.

An approach like this can cost much, much money which could have had a way better use. Do any of the issues below look familiar? There is a sure way to get them over with while avoiding head-spinning spending.

Technology Transition or Upgrade

If you consider a major technology upgrade or transition, such as moving to cloud services or implementing a new software system, our IT consultants can provide expert guidance to ensure a smooth and cost-effective process.

Cost Optimization

Whether you're just starting to plan a product or are already neck-deep in development, IT consulting services can help identify areas of inefficiency and suggest measures to optimize spending. No need to learn from experience if everything is done right on the first try.

Cybersecurity Threats

In the face of increasing cybersecurity threats that cost money and reputation, businesses may seek technical consulting services to assess their current security posture, develop a robust cybersecurity strategy, and implement advanced security measures.

Digital Transformation

A business that is aiming to modernize its operations through digital transformation might engage an IT consulting company to help identify the most effective technologies to achieve its goals. Yes, we can identify the best and most affordable technologies to help you meet your goals without breaking the bank!

Lack of Internal Expertise

If a business lacks the necessary expertise in-house, they may bring in a technology consultant to provide competent advice on complex technology issues, or even handle entire IT operations. A consultant saves you the cost and time it would take to build expertise in-house.

Business Expansion

A growing business might need to expand its IT infrastructure and capabilities to support new locations or more employees. IT consultants can help design and implement an efficient, scalable IT environment, thereby saving costs and headaches in the long run.

Our services

We give businesses a fresh perspective on improving various aspects of both planned and ongoing projects.

Technology Consultancy

Technology Consultancy

Get continuous advice on which tools and technologies best suit your business needs. It’s not only about recommending the most cost-effective solution but also guiding you on how to incorporate them seamlessly into your operations.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Reap the benefits of consistent IT support: server and network management, hardware and software upkeep, troubleshooting, and more. Our services are designed to bring efficient IT solutions to your doorstep, ensuring the smooth running of your operations at all times.

Technology Implementation and Project Management

Technology Implementation and Project Management

Anadea takes charge of the execution of your technology projects to make sure they are completed on schedule and within budget.

IT Audit and Assurance

IT Audit and Assurance

We critically evaluate your IT systems, controls, and governance, ensuring they are functioning securely and effectively. By doing so, we not only safeguard your operations but also make them cost-effective.

Who will be your consultants?

Delivering technical consulting services demands substantial expertise in various domains as well as deep knowledge of business processes. Let us prove to you we possess all that.


specialists in Back-end and Front-end development, QA, DevOps, and Business Analysis


delivered projects —
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our stellar Clutch rating backed by reviews from satisfied customers


Their ability to suggest resources and solutions to our challenges has always been on point. All the consultants that we have worked with have delivered beyond requirements both in teams and as individuals. They listen and understand our requirements and make great efforts to assist as much as possible.


Torbjørn E. Iversen

COO at Keystone


Being good programmers is not only a technical question but a question of understanding the end product. And that ability is in our experience very rare. This is the reason I would recommend Anadea, since they showed the ability to learn our particular and quite specialized needs, in this case publishing a newspaper.


Tino Sanandaji

Founder of Bulletin

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