Dating App Development Services

Have a revolutionary idea for a custom dating software or app? Are you searching for ways to enhance your dating business with an app? Look no further than Anadea, where we excel in designing and developing custom software solutions to meet your unique needs. Our team of developers possesses the skills and expertise to bring your concept to life, helping you create a dating app that will dazzle your audience and possibly become the next big thing, like Tinder, Badoo, or Bumble.

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    Make communication as easy as a click

    video, audio and text chats, open rooms and meetings

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    Focus on earning the trust

    focus on app's stable work and data security

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    jaw-dropping features and stunning UX/UI design

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    Help them find each other

    search by geolocation, matching algorithms based on Machine Learning and AI

TOP Features for Dating Apps
to Make it 5-star

  • Log in options

    Mobile dating app development

    Android, iOS and Web apps. Regardless of what type of app you want to choose to develop, we’ll reveal its full potential.

  • In-app chat

    Communication with chat and video

    Let users share their emotions, make friends, or just chat whenever they need it.

  • Your date's location

    Finding users by geo locations

    A trending feature for users who move much around the city, or vice versa, prefer to stay within their districts to find a dating partner.

  • API Integrations

    From the login to news feeds, our developers create a dating app and set API for integration with the international and local 3d party services.

  • Matching algorithms based on Machine Learning and AI

    Finding a soulmate can be a time and energy-consuming thing. We are very different, that’s why there are endless possibilities and only one right match. That’s why we can empower matching features with ML/AI algorithms.

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  • Analytical predictions

    Chances to make the right hookup for couples are higher when analytical predictions are applied to personal data. We can help a dating app to make predictions more felicitous.

  • Fully customizable, individual profile design

    Let your dating app users express themselves with the help of customization possibilities and unique profile design templates.

  • App optimization for Apps Market Places

    We know everything about successful app store optimization from hands-on experience. We’ll make your dating app noticeable in app stores.

Development Team for a Successful Dating App

  • Business Analyst

    helps you to determine the requirements and prioritize them.

  • UX/UI Designer

    creates the stunning look of your app, ensuring its user-friendly way of utilization.

  • iOS/Android Developer

    specializes in developing apps for smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices on iOS or Android accordingly.

  • Backend Developer

    maintains the inner structure and website logic, deals with data and calculations.

  • Frontend Developer

    animates the designer’s layout according to the solution’s logic thought out by a backend developer.

  • QA Engineer

    frees the solution of flaws and vulnerabilities ensuring the quality.

  • SEO/ASO Specialist

    promotes the app in App Stores.

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