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Leverage the remarkable programming talents of our developers to transform your idea into a one-of-a-kind Android app. Get a captivating and standout app aligned with your requirements, offering the best experience for your audience.

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Cover any aspect you need with Android development services

Mobile App Design

Come for mobile app design that is highly appreciated and recognized both by businesses and end-users.

Android Mobile Development

Hire top-rated Android application development company for your consistent app.

Android App Testing

Gain confidence in your Android app's quality with Anadea's comprehensive QA services.

Third-Party Services Integration

We will tune integrations perfectly well - maps, payment systems, social platforms, or any other through APIs.

Accessibility for Android Apps

Our Android developers will make your mobile app comply with accessibility requirements.

Android development services for the attention-grabbing app

Anadea as an Android apps development company will help you with building apps they want to use - socials, dating apps, taxi and delivery apps, or absolutely any other users hype up about. We focus on:

Clean code and QA for product quality
Reliability and security of the developed apps
Striking UX/UI that users like
Mobile accessibility
Feature-rich Android development for mobile, tablet, TV, and wearables
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Irina Lysenko Head of Sales

Irina Lysenko

Head of Sales

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Fine-tuned process of Android Application Development

Being a custom mobile app development company with over 20
years of experience, we cover every aspect of app development.


Our Android application development company will examine your business and context to suggest possible solutions that may be realized through the development of an app, or through improving the current one.

Development and Testing

Our Android apps development company creates logical, sophisticated, secure, clean and efficient apps that work on any screen size and offer smooth user experience.

Support and Maintenance

We provide comprehensive support, including updates, maintenance, and the addition of new features whenever you need, ensuring your app consistently adapts to evolving user needs.

How it goes, step by step

We use a traditional software development lifecycle in order to keep the process open, transparent, and give you a clear road map to the successful conclusion of your project.

  1. Discovery

    Our team analyzes your requirements and expectations, considers your specific needs, and formulates an initial plan for your review.

  2. Design

    From a streamlined architecture to an intuitive user interface, we develop, assess, and refine every design aspect before seeking your approval.

  3. Specification

    We conduct thorough due diligence, confirm features with you, agree on timelines, perform feasibility analysis, and finalize the design blueprint.

  4. Development

    Our developers, graphic designers, and project managers collaborate to create efficient, high-quality software tailored to your specifications.

  5. Quality Assurance

    Embracing test-driven development, we perform rigorous functional and security testing to ensure the software meets the highest standards.

  6. Deployment

    Upon receiving your approval, we deploy the software to your desired environment and transfer all custom solution rights to you.

  7. Support & Maintenance

    While we design our software for easy maintenance by your team, we also offer ongoing support and maintenance services for more complex or large-scale projects.

Case studies


The Admirals mobile app is the epitome of on-the-go trading, letting users trade over 5,000 markets such as Forex, indices, and more. It is developed with user-friendly features like margin previews, contract specifications, and customer support channels.


Designed for soccer enthusiasts, the Plei mobile app simplifies the process of finding, reserving, and paying for soccer fields. The app's mobile development focuses on letting users create teams, invite players, and chat.

Stav Online

STAV Online is an e-learning application that combines innovative educational practices with intuitive digital solutions, making the process of learning Danish both efficient and engaging.


The Chatboard mobile app is engineered to foster collaboration among classmates. Developed with productivity and community-building in mind, it aims to enhance the student learning experience.

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