Mobile App Design

Get a mobile app design with every interaction cleverly considered. Flawless look and performance on every device, every screen size, guaranteed.

Mobile App Design

Hours spent in mobile apps in 2022 amount to 4.1 TRILLION. That’s around 5 hours a day per person! Now think, would these numbers be so high if fewer businesses cared for thoughtful, intuitive, and beautiful mobile app design?

That’s why you want a professional mobile app design company to work on your project. Design for mobile platforms is fundamentally different than that for desktop, and we know its specifics at our fingertips.

Our mobile app design services

Custom design

Get a stunning customized mobile application design for all platforms. We prioritize user experience, cross-platform compatibility, and seamless integration for you to enjoy quick delivery and cost-effectiveness.

UX research & consulting

Go for mobile app design consulting service for in-depth research to identify pain points and opportunities, providing tailored solutions for optimal user experience. A view from the side can reveal a lot!

Accessibility testing

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy your app! Anadea conducts comprehensive testing on mobile platforms to identify and fix any accessibility barriers, ensuring that your app meets all accessibility standards.

Mobile app redesign

Revamp your mobile app's look and feel with our redesign service. We prioritize your app's identity, ensuring that your brand remains at the forefront while providing a fresh, modern user interface.

Delivered projects

Mobile development
Application design for mobile

App for trading on the go

With its sleek design, the Admirals trading app has revolutionized the world of mobile trading. From its streamlined user interface to powerful charting and analysis tools, the app has become a must-have for serious traders looking to stay ahead of the game.

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App development
App design services

Soccer field management app

The Plei project's vibrant and lively UI is a true breath of fresh air! With its intuitive UX, booking a field has never been easier. The app is a testament to our team's expertise in creating both visually appealing and easy-to-use designs.

App development
Mobile application design

Social network

Our mobile app designing services ensured that the app looked great and was fun to use. The result is a social networking app that is easy to navigate and has a thriving community of users who enjoy every bit of it.

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“With Anadea, there’s been a good understanding of what we're trying to do and technical competence was impressive, and it was comfortable interacting with them during all this time.”

David Argyle photo

David Argyle,
Founder of JustPlay


“The Connect app looks wonderful, and I’m grateful to you and the Anadea team for your work on building the app. It really does look great! I’m so excited to get it out for couples and families to use.”

Brooke Farrel photo

Brooke Farrel,
Founder of Unity Families

Design with a focus on Mobile

It cannot be emphasized enough that designing for mobile devices is a specialized task that requires a deep understanding of many nuances. It is not merely about resizing a desktop design to fit a smaller screen.


New users should get to understand the new app fast, period. We create well-thought-out onboarding screens that guide users, using only a limited screen space and acknowledging people are impatient.


Smartphones have limited resources, such as limited battery life and slower processing speeds. This means mobile apps have to be efficient and use resources sparingly, to which wise design decisions contribute.


Mobile apps require different types of navigation than websites, which typically use menus and hyperlinks. We make gestures, swipes, and other mobile-specific navigation types work in the best way possible.

Screen size

Mobile screens are smaller than desktop and laptop ones, which means that mobile application designers must optimize designs for smaller screens. For that, our apps are designed with regard to typography, iconography, and layout.


Mobile apps are designed to be interacted with using touch gestures, which are not common for desktop and laptop computers. That’s why we always consider the gestures and interactions that are native to mobile devices.


Unlike desktop computers, mobile devices are often used in different contexts. For example, while on the go! Our mobile app designers address the user's location and environment when designing apps.

Get an app design prototype in 2 weeks.
A market-ready MVP in 3 months*.

*if you go for our mobile app development service

How we make it work

A pipeline shows the steps of creating a design. They are Requirement collection, Competitor & Audience research, Wireframing, Sketching & Interface design, Dynamic prototypes, Usability testing, Review & Validation, and Mobile app development. Steps from Requirement collection & Analysis to Dynamic prototypes are considered UX design. The Sketching & Interface design step is considered UI design.

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