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Connect the dots between traditional technology and cutting-edge innovation in every sports solution. From personal training to team management, fan engagement, and beyond, our expertise in sports application development spans the spectrum of sports needs.

Sports software solutions we develop

Whether your customer is a player, a manager, or a fan, we will build an app that fits perfectly into their sports lifestyle. Get an app for any aspect of the sports world from Anadea.

Personal Fitness and
Wellness Apps

Personal Fitness and Wellness Apps
Fitness and Training Apps

Tailored for individual fitness goals, these apps provide personalized workout routines and progress tracking.

Health and Nutrition Apps

Focus on holistic athlete care, blending performance enhancement with overall well-being.

Gym Member & Gym Management Apps

Cater to both gym-goers with workout tracking and gym operators with management functionalities.

AI-Driven Training Assistants

Personalize training routines, analyze performance data, and predict potential areas for improvement with artificial intelligence.

Team and Organizational

Team and Organizational Management

Team and League Management Apps

Designed to manage team activities and league operations, simplifying administrative tasks.

Management Apps for Clubs

Comprehensive sport club app development, covering everything from operational management to player development.

Performance Monitoring Systems

Monitor and analyze individual athlete performance, aiding in strategy development and team optimization.

Fan Engagement and Media

Fan Engagement and Media

Sports News and Media Apps

Deliver the latest sports news and in-depth analyses to keep fans informed.

Video Broadcasting Apps

Provide live streaming and on-demand content, connecting fans directly to the action.

Ticket Booking Apps

Simplify the process of purchasing tickets, enhancing fans' event experiences.

Sports Betting Apps

Secure platforms for real-time sports betting with user-friendly features.

Our clients and their inspiring stories

For us, each journey with sports clients is more than just delivering solutions—it's about building lasting partnerships and diving deep into the sports universe. Their stories reflect our shared passion and the vibrant collaborations that drive them.

David Argyle

“No one had built an application for this purpose. And now we work with about 150 venues around Australia.”

David Argyle,
Founder of Just Play, a social sports app

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Sebastian Duque

“I'm the forward, so I score the goals, but Anadea is my four defenders. They protect the goal and make sure everything is secure.”

Sebastian Duque,
Founder of Plei, a soccer field
management app

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Key services

Game-changing apps start with design, development, and consulting which quality is non-negotiable. At our sports application developing company, these services are all about blending expertise with innovation to serve every corner of the sports world.

We bring the thrill of sports to digital realms with our vibrant UI/UX designs. Expect nothing less than engaging, visually captivating interfaces that echo the energy of sports, elevating user experience to new heights.

Get sports mobile app development that captures the essence of sports, where we focus on blending robust performance with innovative features. Each app is a digital playground for sports enthusiasts, offering an experience as dynamic as the sports themselves.

Our web development crafts the digital home for sports brands. Expect seamless navigation, engaging features, and a commanding online presence, mirroring the energy of the sports world.

Sports custom software development services to create bespoke systems with advanced data analytics, seamless API integrations, and robust cloud technologies that align with your specific goals and challenges.

Third-Party Integration

We enrich your sports apps with fluid third-party integrations, merging live sports data, social media buzz, and more at our sports app building company to create a multi-layered user experience.

Step into the future with our artificial intelligence services. Transforming sports analytics and personalization, AI brings a level of intelligence and foresight previously unseen in sports tech.

Dive into the fast-paced world of sports tech with our expert consulting. We guide your digital strategy through the exciting terrain of sports software solutions, ensuring you're always ahead in the game.

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Irina Lysenko Head of Sales

Irina Lysenko

Head of Sales

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Sports app development portfolio


Plei simplifies the soccer experience, managing everything from finding fields to reservations and payments, all in one smooth, user-friendly application. The app takes the headache out of organizing the game of soccer for sports enthusiasts, making the team and field management actually fun and enjoyable.

Plei Case study

Just Play

Just Play connects adults looking to team up for sports, making it easy to find and match with fellow sports enthusiasts.

Just Play Interview

Golf Coaching App

This app serves the golf community, linking players with coaches for seamless video and text exchanges, enabling collaboration and coaching anytime, anywhere.

Golf Coaching App Case study

Features for your sports application

We’re packing sport app development with features as smart as they are exciting. It’s all about mixing established must-have functionalities with the latest tech trends, making sports apps that bring every facet of the game to life in thrilling new ways.

Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking

Elevate sports training with custom activity tracking, offering athletes real-time performance analytics, health stats, and progress reports, turning every workout into a data-driven experience.

Activity Tracking

All-In-One Communication Features

From team chats to fan forums, our apps offer a range of communication tools that keep the sports community connected and active.

Activity Tracking

Live Scores, Stats, and News

Keep the sports community constantly engaged with real-time updates on scores, in-depth player stats, and the latest sports news, all within a lively app interface.

Activity Tracking


Intuitive scheduling features ensure no game or practice is missed. Our interactive calendars and reminders keep players and fans always in the loop.

Activity Tracking

Social Media Integration

Amplify community engagement with integrated social media features, enabling users to share their sports moments and achievements instantly.

Activity Tracking

Push Notifications

Deliver the excitement straight to users' devices with tailored push notifications about their favorite teams, games, and sports news.

Activity Tracking

Wellness Integration

Go beyond the game with integrated wellness features focusing on holistic athlete care, from nutrition advice to mental health support.

AI features for next-gen sports apps

Artificial intelligence is transforming how we play, coach, and enjoy sports, bringing a new level of excitement to every aspect of the game. At our end, we're tapping into AI to bring you sports apps that are more fun, more intelligent—it’s like giving every aspect of sports a high-tech, high-energy boost.

Athlete Performance and Health

  • Performance Analytics and Prediction
  • Automated Video Analysis
  • Injury Prediction and Prevention
  • AI-Optimized Nutrition and Health Plans

Fan Engagement and Experience

  • Personalized Content Delivery
  • Real-Time Game Updates via Chatbots
  • Interactive Fan Experiences

Game Strategy and Training

  • Real-Time Game Strategy Adjustments
  • Personalized Training Regimens
  • AI for Coaching Assistance

Accessibility and Marketing

  • Voice and Gesture Control for Accessibility
  • AI in Sports Marketing
  • AI-Driven Sponsorship Matching
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