Supply Chain Management Software Development

Stand up to always emerging market challenges with supply chain software development for more resilient, transparent, and easier-to-track business operations. We develop custom solutions with attention to every link in the chain to address your business needs.

Supply chain industry challenges

U.S. retail operations have a supply chain accuracy of only 63%. And only 6% of businesses report the total visibility of their supply chain.

Meanwhile, the market expects impeccable operation flow and fast response from businesses, which is impossible if loads of data are handled manually. All this under the conditions of unpredictable consumer spending and complex logistics processes barely recovered from COVID-19.

Supply chain software developed by professionals can help address these and many other concerns. Build your own SCM software to:

  • Minimize transportation expenses

  • Keep up with the needs of the market

  • Source dependable, constant transport capacity

  • Meet the most recent technological demands

  • Pick up and deliver orders on time

We help businesses

With the demand difficult to forecast and freight costs difficult to keep low, we help businesses stay competitive and grow through automation.

Reduce operating costs

Reducing supply chain costs from 9% to 4% can double profits, which is why we put this at the head of the list. SCM systems allow businesses to cut costs by reducing overheads such as those associated with stockpiling inventory and lower waste through improved quality control.

Ensure smart asset management

Maintain and control operational assets with IoT-integrated sensors and systems that gather and analyze data from company equipment. Improved asset performance will enhance the stability of operations and thus provide for a more predictable business flow.

Increase warehouse productivity

Retailers benefit from automating their supply chain in terms of managing warehouse operations. They keep track of inventories and make sure workers don't skip any stages when completing orders. Thanks to this, orders are more likely to be delivered on schedule and with the correct items.

Become more predictable

Unexpected item shortage is something one can hardly be fully prepared for. SCM software equipped with real-time inventory management can prevent such occurrences from happening. Same with consumer spending data and any other metrics you would want to track in real-time and have displayed graphically.

Automate routine operations

More data means more problems, especially with the incidence of human errors. SCM software development helps automate labor-intensive tasks that are prone to mistakes, such as manually entering data into databases or adding new product information to the system. Automate everything from procurement to recycling management.

Gain a competitive edge

Improved cooperation with suppliers, optimized shipping, more efficient risk mitigation, extra agility, and better data analytics and visibility are just a few of the benefits of custom supply chain management software that can give you a competitive advantage, as only 22% of companies have a proactive supply chain network.

Store data safely

If the software gives customers an opportunity to track their item’s shipment status, they are going to use it. Providing shipping status information to customers goes hand in hand with their personal data. SCM systems developed with close attention to security is the soundest way to protect user data and avoid reputational losses caused by data leakages.

Boost supply chain efficiency

Improve your supply chain efficiency rate through real-time insights. A supply chain management software development company, we develop tools to easily capture consumer data and translate it into meaningful and comprehensive insights. SCM systems using AI/ML and predictive analytics will allow you to define the procurement volume more precisely.

What we do as a supply chain software company

Custom development and implementation

Tell us what kind of software you need, and in collaboration with you, we design and develop a programming solution to address your request. It can be supply chain management software (SCMS), transportation management software (TMS), warehouse management software, and more.

We acknowledge that an SCM software implementation can be a challenge. The software has to cover every branch of the company and coordinate them seamlessly with each other, which takes additional organizational realignment and engineering effort. Systems by Anadea are built with regard to this. We find the smartest architecture solutions to assure the durability and maintainability of your software.

Technology consulting

If you are in two minds about the quality of your current software or simply looking to bring your business to the next level, opt for a technology consulting service from Anadea. We will thoroughly analyze the technological solutions you now employ and the tech stack that powers your company in order to find any possible flaws and then suggest strategies to fix them.

In case you would like to benefit from custom SCM development upon consulting, such as the addition of new features or certain technological changes, we will offer a project proposal for these services.

Legacy software modernization

It appears that your existing software may require an upgrade as it is not meeting modern requirements. Industry experts suggest that any software that is over a decade old, given the pace of innovation, is considered legacy. If you are experiencing issues with software support such as unresolved security breaches or unavailability of developers, your software is likely legacy. Similarly, if developers propose temporary fixes due to concerns about impairing other parts of the software, it may be considered legacy.

As software is a critical source of data for businesses, such shortcomings can have a significant impact on operations. A single link in the chain can affect the entire system, making unstable legacy systems a significant risk factor.

If you're facing any of these issues, feel free to contact us, and we'll explore ways to improve your software.

Custom supply chain solutions we deliver

Whether you need an all-in-one system to cover every aspect of supply chain management or a tool to perform a specific task, there is a solution for you.

Demand management software

  • Demand forecasting

  • Client analytics

  • Stock optimization

  • Planning for sales and operations

  • Tracking of prices and promotions

  • Warehouse operations automation

  • Inventory tracking across warehouses

  • Tracking using barcodes, serial Nos or RFIDs

  • Asset administration

  • Forecasting of future inventories and prices

Logistics management tools

  • Fleet management

  • Packaging management

  • Coordinating deliveries across logistics channels

  • Route improvement

  • Rate evaluation

  • Labor estimation

Procurement management tools

  • Purchasing raw materials

  • Lot sizing and replenishment planning

  • Supply-side market analysis

  • Cost evaluation

  • Spending tracking

Supply chain planning tools

  • Creating custom alerts

  • Scenario-based forecasting

  • Resource optimization

  • Supply forecasting

  • Optimization of labor and materials

Order management systems

  • Improved order fulfillment

  • Return and refund management

  • Creating purchase orders

  • Delivery scheduling

  • Creating product prices and configurations

Our technology expertise

Relevant programming languages and frameworks

In the development of custom supply chain solutions, we apply the most known-of and supported languages, frameworks, databases and libraries, assuring t he software longevity. Our solutions adhere to the latest accessibility standards and are built smart architecture-wise so that new updates and added functionality are delivered across the organization without departments missing out.

AI/ML for solving business problems

Your business can benefit from AI/ML-driven tools shaped to predict future outcomes (predictive analytics), improve communication with customers through analyzing feedback (cognitive analytics), and more. Computer vision tools leveraged by AI are oriented to increasing operational safety through the detection of safety issues in manufacturing and during the transportation of goods.

IoT in supply chain management and logistics

Developments in the field of the Internet of Things contribute to efficient warehouse monitoring, logistics management, and handling. Logistics managers receive real-time information from sensors on the whereabouts and condition of each asset. IoT in supply chain management help preserve perishable items by monitoring storage conditions, as well as improve the accuracy of item pickup, loading, and dispatch.

Featured success story

See our case study of web development and warehouse automation tool development for Visdeal, Europe’s largest fishing tackle online shop with a warehouse of 25.000+ items.

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