Learning Experience Platform Development for Advanced eLearning

Get a flexible approach to online learning and enjoy the results of the studying process with a custom Learning Experience Platform. The tailored software adjusts to unique learning abilities of the users letting them progress faster and more confidently than ever.

LXP Development Services

  • Custom LXP Development

    Our team will create a bespoke LXP that is specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements of your workspace. This approach ensures that the solution is purpose-built with your company's unique requirements in mind.

  • Custom LXP Consulting

    We can furnish you with detailed information about e-learning and software systems that you can utilize to train your employees. Anadea's team can also provide you with more in-depth knowledge about the advantages that an LXP can offer you.

  • Integration

    Our development team can assist you in enabling seamless exchange of information across your business systems. This involves setting up integrations with your existing systems such as ERP, Talent Management Software, and other relevant software.

Craft Fully Customizable Learning Experiences

LXPs are designed with the learner at the forefront, offering a more engaging, intuitive, and personalized learning experience compared to any traditional learning method. Need to upskill or reskill your workforce, especially when it’s large and diverse? Drop us a line and get your free quote for a custom Learning Experience Platform.

Build my LXP

Embrace the Latest Industry Standards and Trends

What makes an effective and current LXP are mindful UI/UX design, social and communication features, ease of LXP administration, and use of data to drive more relevant interactions for users. At Anadea, we keep abreast of current trends in eLearning.

  • Engage and motivate learners through game-based eLearning. An exciting and effective approach to maintain student momentum.

  • Audio-Video Calls

    Enhance connectivity and engagement with audio-visual features, enabling interactive lessons, quizzes, and tests in your learning experience platform.

  • Standards Compliance

    We assist in ensuring system adherence to SCORM, xAPI, and LTI educational standards, thereby providing up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge to users.

  • Interactive Quiz Builders

    Utilize intuitive drag-and-drop constructors for efficient creation of fully customizable diverse educational quizzes, tests, and tasks.

  • Explore the vast potential of AI and ML integrated LXP. Automate lesson plan recommendations and learning pathway suggestions based on individual learning styles and programs.

  • BI for Progress Tracking

    Leverage Business Intelligence (BI) for insightful study pace and impact analysis. Promote accountability and motivation through progress tracking.

  • Global Outreach Enhancement

    Expand your educational services' accessibility through custom eLearning solutions. Share knowledge across branches, remote learners, and international audiences.

  • Microlearning Modules

    Delve into bite-sized learning units for more focused and manageable learning experiences. Microlearning aids in better retention and understanding of complex topics.

  • Social Learning Platforms

    Promote community-based learning by integrating social learning platforms. Encourage peer-to-peer interactions, discussions, and collaborative learning experiences.

  • AI/ML – Powered Features

    The possibilities of LXP empowered with AI and ML are enormous. It can automatically recommend the next lesson plan or other places of interest to the user based on their learning style and program, helping overcome gaps in knowledge.

  • BI, Student Progress Tracking

    With Business Intelligence features you’ll see the pace of the studying progress and its impact on one’s personal or proficiency development. Keeping students accountable is one of the ways to keep them motivated. Progress tracking can provide this for them.

  • Increasing outreach

    With your custom eLearning solutions, you can increase the availability of your education services. You may share knowledge between branches, people at home, and people living in other countries. Services may be optimized to work on multiple platforms, on a variety of devices, and through web browsers online.

Featured Project

CodeCoach for First Code Academy is a platform that delivers curated coding lessons for kids. Connecting learners with certified computer science tutors, it offers an anytime, anywhere gateway into the world of programming. Interactive features such as screen sharing, real-time chat, video calls, and a shared code editor ensure a learning journey that's not just personalized but also immersive and engaging.


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