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AI is no longer a futuristic fantasy. It's a game-changer that creates new landscapes for success! Our AI app development company goes beyond the buzzwords, making AI that seamlessly integrates with your systems, transforming operations and delivering amazing results.


We're drowning in data! Every day, companies create 2.5 quintillion bytes of information—the amount older software just can't handle. It's a bottleneck slowing businesses down.

Enter AI — A powerful tool for today's challenges

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    Information overload?

    Forget it. AI sorts through data, uncovering hidden information and patterns that manual analysis would miss.

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    Worried about mistakes?

    Human error is a thing of the past with AI. It’s a tireless machine, working with near-perfect accuracy 24/7.

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    Feeling stuck?

    AI injects agility into your business. Make data-driven decisions in real-time, no more waiting around.

AI software development services

It's time to take the leap! Anadea’s AI development services are the perfect entry point for innovation.

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    AI consulting

    Get Anadea’s expert guidance on how AI can benefit your specific business goals. We'll help you identify the right AI solutions and develop a strategic roadmap for implementation.

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    Model training, deployment & integration

    We convert your business requirements into tasks, whether it involves pre-trained solutions, fine-tuning them to meet your requirements, or building models from scratch to further integrate them with your systems.

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    AI app development

    Our AI developers craft AI-powered applications tailored to your unique needs. Imagine a custom chatbot for enhanced customer service or an AI-driven sales forecasting tool.

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    Everything data-related

    High-quality data is crucial for effective AI training. Our AI development company can gather (and also source, filter, and label) data for you, ensuring your models learn from the right information. Additionally, we generate high-quality synthetic data in case there’s little information to learn from.

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    MLOps ensures your AI applications perfectly integrate into your operations, maximizing their impact. We'll handle the deployment, monitoring, and continuous improvement of your AI, so you can focus on the results.

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    POC (Proof-of-Concept) development

    In doubt whether your business benefits from AI? We can develop a proof-of-concept project to showcase the potential advantages of AI for your specific use case.

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Our focus in AI software development solutions

Machine Learning (ML)

Think of ML as a powerful tool for learning from data. These algorithms make predictions, forming the backbone of many AI applications. It's like gaining experience, but for computers.

Linear Regression, Support Vector Machines (SVMs), Decision Trees, Random Forests, and Gradient Boosting are some of the key technologies we use in ML.

Deep Learning (DL)

Deep Learning is like giving your computer a superpowered brain. It's a powerful branch of ML that uses artificial neural networks to tackle complex problems in areas like computer vision and NLP.

DL leverages technologies like Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for image recognition tasks, Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) for sequence analysis, and Transformers for a wide range of NLP, CV, and audio applications.

Generative AI

Generative AI allows machines to create entirely new data, like images, text, or music, based on existing patterns. Think of composing a song in your favorite artist's style or creating realistic images that never existed before.

Variational Autoencoders (VAEs) and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) are the key technologies behind generative AI, diffusion models, and generative transformer architectures, allowing us to create entirely new and realistic content.

Computer Vision (CV)

CV empowers machines to analyze images and videos, enabling applications like self-driving cars that can "recognize" pedestrians or medical professionals who can spot abnormalities in X-rays.

For this, we use Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and recent transformer-based architectures. All of them solve object detection, segmentation, recognition, classification, and more.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Ever wished your software understood your customers better? NLP bridges the gap! It allows computers to process human language, enabling chatbots to have real conversations or software to analyze customer reviews.

These days NLP mostly relies on transformer based architectures. However, some solutions still benefit from time-proven approaches like Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs), Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), and Transformers (BERT, GPT-3).

Reinforcement Learning (RL)

Reinforcement Learning allows AI to learn by trial and error, rewarding good decisions and penalizing bad ones. This makes it ideal for complex tasks where AI refines its approach independently.

Q-Learning, Deep Q-Networks (DQNs), and Policy Gradients are some of the technologies used in RL.


The line between human and machine is converging! Robotics combines hardware and AI for intelligent automation, with applications in manufacturing, healthcare, and exploration.

Machine learning, computer vision, sensor fusion, LLM and Vusial-LLM are all crucial technologies in robotics.

Speech Recognition and Synthesis

Speech recognition and synthesis commit to making seamless communication with your devices possible. Recognition helps computers understand spoken language, while synthesis allows them to speak back.

Hidden Markov Models (HMMs), Deep Neural Networks (DNNs), and RNNs are highly used, but transformer based architecture is now the king of speech recognition and synthesis.

Featured projects

  • fintech
    flash Fintech

    Loan default prediction model for a lending company

    Traditional loan default prediction models rely on static formulas that easily become outdated. Europe's leading P2P lending platform partnered with our artificial intelligence app development company to create a revolutionary ML model that:

    • check Improves loan default prediction by >50%
    • check Continuously learns and improves through an AutoML pipeline
    • check Integrates data from diverse sources (loan applications, registries, geo-data)
  • Real estate
    flash Real estate

    Image captioning solution for StreetEasy

    Creating detailed and engaging descriptions for real estate listings is time-consuming. Using NLP + CV, Anadea built a model that automatically generates rich room descriptions from photos. The model:

    • check Captures detailed information (placement, color, material) about objects in the room
    • check Creates vibrant, ready-to-use descriptions
    • check Ensures descriptions are accurate and informative

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