DevOps services we offer

DevOps as a Service

Automated infrastructure provisioning / Infrastructure as Code

It’s an approach to creating infrastructure in a project. This is one of the best practices we recommend using in order to automate the process and to create and reuse a template to make speedy changes. For you, as a client, this service means the simplification of infrastructure management.

Deployment and release orchestration

DevOps engineers will coordinate the tasks related to deploying software updates (updating versions, releases, etc.) across environments and into the hands of end-users — improving planning, tracking, and communication throughout the software release cycle.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

As a team of developers, we believe that the Continuous Integration /Continuous Delivery approach is the method that is efficient to frequently deliver changes typical of the Agile methodology. It’s ideal for the speedy delivery of new versions, releases, and final products to customers and users. Through the development lifecycle, continuous delivery pipeline automation and optimization take place. The need for proficient DevOps appears the moment the project starts. The engineer sets the environment, configures servers, conducts deployment, and then monitors the servers.

Secure infrastructure setting

We recognize the importance of secure data storage and stick to best practices during development and server configuration. We use reliable server providers, divide access by levels, store passwords in special tools, don’t use real user data during development, utilize different environments during delivery — for development, testing, staging, production, and do much more to ensure data security.

Log management

Fine-tuned log management will help you or your support development team to identify the fault quickly, and start solving the problem faster. Log management is one of the best practices that make development more effective.

Systems 24/7 monitoring

Our DevOps engineers will help you with the constant monitoring of your project and timely response to conditions of the system — CPU load, free space on the server, etc. They can make notifications come to Slack, Skype, email, or any other corporate system, or make an alert call to your phone, if necessary.

DevOps Consulting

Anadea DevOps assessment services will audit your IT infrastructure to identify areas for improvement:

Provide you with a full IT environment audit report

Evaluate the reasonability of implementing DevOps at the project

Offer a range of suitable DevOps implementation models

Perform all-round DevOps assessment of your current IT environment

Estimate costs for the discussed DevOps implementation model

Combined with the Code Review Service, DevOps advisory services give the best outcome to improve your project.

Anadea’s code audit service is a comprehensive technical examination of software systems, web, and mobile applications, carefully reviewing architecture, style, security, and efficiency.


  • New Product Releases Time to Market Acceleration
  • A Quick Respond to Technical Changes
  • Using Leading Cloud Services
  • Decrease of Overall Project Costs
  • Enhanced Security
  • Infrastructure as Code

Our Toolkit

Cloud Platforms & Virtualization

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Hetzner, DigitalOcean

Configuration & Infrastructure Management

Terraform, Ansible

Artifact Management & Source Control

Git, GitLab CI/CD, Bitbucket

Continuous Integration

GitHub Actions, Jenkins

Web Servers Configuration

Nginx, Apache


Docker, Docker Compose

Monitoring, Logging, Alerting

Zabbix, AWS Cloudwatch, Papertrail, Prometheus Stack, ELK Stack


AWS Cloud Formation, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Dokku

Server & Database Administration

Linux (Ubuntu, Centos, Debian), PostgreSQL


AWS Lambda, OpenFaaS


Python 3 and Bash Scripting

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