See our clients breaking down every facet of work with Anadea as their custom software provider and how this experience turned out for them.

Tanya Wakelam
Founder of Ask MUMM

“Thank you! You are AMAZING! I just would like to extend my gratitude to you for building this awesome app for me. I know you have worked very hard and have spent a lot of time getting this app perfect for me. I really appreciate it. You have all far exceeded my expectations when I started on this little journey of mine.”

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Matthew Stibbe
Founder of Turbine

“Fundamentally, there is no difference between a programmer (or a designer or a tester) based in an office in London and one in another part of the world. They’re either good or bad, talented or useless, collaborative, or ego-centric. Going offshore is cost and time-effective. Most of the applications people use every day were built ‘offshore’. We are delighted with the experience of working with Anadea engineers on this project, and would highly recommend them to companies across the world.”

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Regan Chorlog
CEO at OnTrac eHealth Platform

“We have a long-term relationship with Anadea and receive the highest quality results. We have no reason to go anywhere else for our development needs. Our reputation as a SaaS provider is highly respected and Anadea plays a big role in keeping it that way. Thank you for all your hard work!”

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Michelle Sun
CEO at First Code Academy

“I'm impressed by Anadea's speed and flexibility in adjusting to our requirements. Anadea allocated a full-fledged team of software engineers to rapidly build and launch the final product. Within just six months, the team had delivered the requested platform. Efficient project management including regularly scheduled calls ensured a smooth workflow.”

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Nile Lundgren
President of Dallien Realty

“Buyfolio.com has proved extremely successful for me and my buyers in terms of searching, organization, and communication. The founder of Buyfolio, Matt Daimler is a friend of mine and I’m proud to see his work help buyers and brokers alike navigate the complicated sales process here in NYC.”

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Sebastian Duque
Founder and CEO of Plei Inc.

“I am so thankful that I ran into Anadea at a time when my company was at a very critical point. I was very hesitant at first of taking my project overseas, mostly because I like to know what is happening every day with my project and like to have control over it as well. However, the way that Anadea is organized relieved me of this worry. The team works efficiently and in an organized manner. I also love that the team loves the project - this is very important! I also really enjoy having an amazing PM that keeps me up to date on everything and relieves me of any worries that I had.”

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Birgitte Lie
BDM at Stav Online

“The level of information was very high before, during and after the project. The staff involved was very competent and they all always presented brilliant ideas.”

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Dmitry Chourpo
Executive Coordinator at Dressli

“Your team is great! I am very comfortable working with the guys. They did a great job, a bottle of Dom Perignon will be on their way shortly.”

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Jola Cruise
Healthcare practitioner

“They have coded in a very high standard many of the modules in our software, i.e. timeline for patient visits, documentation, scheduler, etc.”

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Willem Bontrup
Co-founder of Visdeal

“Happy it all went well, what a massive project it was! Great job everybody!”

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Maximilian Kerz
CEO at Vivum Health

“The work, together with Anadea’s developers was a pleasure and helped push the project forward significantly. We were delighted with their constant professionalism, strong communication skills, and commitment to innovation and first-class development skills.”

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Daniils Kostornijs
Product Manager at Viventor

“Many thanks to the whole team for the successful release of the new version of the Viventor app! We were pleased with the successful and high-quality communication with our backend team. For resolving issues (builds, answers in the chat) in excess of working hours, special thanks!

The development of mobile applications was also new for Toms and me, and we gained invaluable experience. I was very pleased to work with you and I hope to continue our collaboration. Thanks again and good luck with future projects!”

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Pascal Klein
Co-founder of Ham-Nat Coach

“The team at Anadea exceeded expectations. Their communicative team delivered a high-quality product. They're responsive, honest, and transparent. Customers can expect a team that delivers remarkable work quickly.”

David Gil Pérez
CTO at ideas4all Innovation

“Anadea achieved the goals required. Their team was disciplined and intelligent. Their communications were very honest.”

Chunge Wang
President of Wellness App

“Anadea quickly adapted to business needs. Their team was disciplined, professional, and driven. Project management was effective and they met all deadlines.”

Aaron Harwell
Owner of Spiderdoor

“Just wanted to let you know once again how much I appreciate you. You have been a crucial part of getting this business up and running smoothly. I'd give anything if I had you here in our office working full time with me. I have so many other ideas and someone like you would set my mind at ease. Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you.”

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Misha Vilenchuk
DOO at Senior Living Experts

“Thanks to the efforts of the Anadea team the directory is currently fully functional. The company appreciated how responsive each member of the team was during the project, as well as their ability to schedule important tasks and sticking to the agreed-upon timeline.”

Miguel Cabra
Independent designer

“Although the project is still private, Anadea successfully developed the code to make it work with 95% of the songs it processes. I’m impressed with the team’s professionalism and willingness to solve issues. Moreover, the communication was fluid, and the project management went smoothly.”

Isaak Dury
CEO at TidyHQ

“I was highly dubious of working with an overseas group and spent 7 months interviewing, testing and working with people for all geographies. What really took Anadea to another level was the skill level of their engineers, but also (and perhaps more importantly) it was their level of communication. They always had time to explain things, and they didn't just accept the specification document, they challenged it and asked questions which is what I was after.”

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