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Get a smooth, fast, and cost-effective alternative to passwords for your software. Free your users from password struggles and introduce them to a safer and more convenient login option — a passkey.

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New era of authentication

Passkeys were designed to effectively address key issues of passwords, the traditional authentication method. Passkeys advance in many ways, to name a few:

  • secure

    All accounts are safe

    Stolen passwords grant access to multiple accounts if reused. Passkeys are unique and leak-proof, eliminating this vulnerability.

  • secure

    Resistant to attacks

    Automated attacks exploit weak passwords. Passkeys are cryptographically strong, thus resistant to these methods.

  • secure


    Many users choose easy-to-crack passwords and reuse them across accounts. Passkeys are automatically generated and unique, addressing both concerns.

  • secure

    Lost device? No panic

    The app is locked away behind something only the device owner knows or has, like a fingerprint or a PIN. Plus, a passkey can be swiftly removed in account settings, effectively unlinking the device.

  • secure

    Happy users, happy you

    Forget special symbols, upper-case letters, and whatever else passwords have to include. A smile is enough to log in—quick, easy, and secure.

  • Only 27%

    of people use unique passwords in their private accounts

  • 353 million

    people suffered from personal data compromises in 2023

  • 1 week

    it takes to implement passwordless authentication

  • Apple, Amazon, PayPal

    are already on board. Are you joining?

Go passwordless

How passkeys work

  • 1

    Passkey generation

    Create an account to generate a passkey, pairing a private key (a device / password manager) with a public key (service provider)

  • 2

    Sign in

    Use a web browser or mobile OS to apply the passkey for account access

  • 3

    Identity verification 

    Unlock the app via PIN, pattern, or biometrics for service verification

  • 4

    Access granted

    Successfully access the account without a password

Noticed something’s missing?

Right, it’s the step when you implement the passkeys in the first place.

How to implement
passwordless authentication

  • Step 1

    Get in touch with us

    Schedule a free consultation to talk about a secure, user-friendly passkey implementation process.

  • Step 2


    Our developers handle the tech, seamlessly adding passkeys to your software with top-notch security standards.

  • Step 3

    Easy logins & peace of mind

    You get a convenient passkey experience for your app, with secure access even if devices change.

  • Step 4

    Support & growth together

    Enjoy continuous support and updates for your passkey solution, adapting to your growing business needs.

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Third-party or custom,
we do it all

Opt for Anadea’s custom passkey solution or integrate third-party services. Both ensure a passkey solution that aligns with your needs, balancing control, speed, and cost.

  • Anadea’s passkey solution

    Gain full control, tailoring authentication to fit your needs, often more cost-effective as costs mainly arise with scaling.

  • Third-party integrations

    Fast-track implementation with established providers simplifying the adoption process. May come with limitations on customization and potential ongoing costs.


Our passwordless authentication solution

Expert Python developers at Anadea can quickly customize and implement passkeys on your Django website, readying it for passwordless logins.

  • Python integration

    We use Python for seamless passwordless auth implementation, ensuring a user-friendly and secure login process.

  • High security standards

    Adhering to FIDO Alliance guidelines, we use strong encryption to keep each passkey safe and reliable.

  • Cost-effective scalability

    Designed to be attainable, our solution minimizes ongoing costs, making it ideal for any business size.

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